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20 Best Short Haircuts For Women To Try Now

20 Best Short Haircuts For Women To Try Now

It’s getting hot and if you’ve been thinking about going short with your hair then now is the perfect time to kill some of the heat. I personally love long hair and wouldn’t dare to touch it or let anyone ever do anything with it, it’s just one of those things with me. Since I love long hair so much I have to give it to the women who chop it off and I find them very brave. There is literally no going back once you commit to chopping them off and you might feel there are limited ways to style them once you do. This is what we are here for, to give you all the inspiration you need on short haircuts for women. Get inspired by these 20 celebrities and use it as your hair guide for some time till you get the hang of it.

Recently people have been discussing how women with short hair really shows a lot of confidence, because sadly some people still believe that femininity is connected with women having long hair. This really is not the case at all and these women are proof of this, they can look sexy, smart, sophisticated and cute, these short haircuts for women might just inspire you to take the plunge. If your looking for new short haircuts or ways of styling the short hair you already have, scroll through the images below to find some of the best looks you should follow this year.

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20 Best Short Haircuts For Women To Try Now

Elegant Asymmetrical Cut

Zoe Saldana rocking this cut with red lips.

Short Haircuts For Women - Zoe Saldana

Bob with bangs

We love bobs and especially Taylor Swifts’s that has these bangs!

Short Haircuts For Women - Taylor Swift

Visible Roots

Sarah Paulson embraces her blunt cut and waves with a dual-tone color beautifully.

Short Haircuts For Women - Sarah Paulsona

Flapper Curls

A style that still looks glamorous today, as shown by star Ruth Negga.

Short Haircuts For Women - Ruth Negga

Dip-Dye Highlights

The highlights right at the ends of the strands add just the right amount of color to the hair – Rose Byrne.

Short Haircuts For Women - Rose Byrne

Pixie Cut

A strong and bold look by Natalie Portman.

Short Haircuts For Women - Natalie Portman

The French Pixie

Miley Cyrus is never afraid to try new looks and she owned this french pixie cut perfectly.

Short Haircuts For Women - Miley Cyrus

Old Hollywood Look

Curl the ends of your hair to create an uneven texture and just like Marion Cotillard you can get a sophisticated old Hollywood look.

Short Haircuts For Women - Marion Cotillard

Edgy Pixie cut

Lili Collins pixie cut gives off a very innocent yet naught vibe to her look.

Short Haircuts For Women - Lili Collins

Mid-Length Bob

For those who like to stay with a certain classic look and not experiment too much then get inspired by Kylie Jenner’s bob cut.

Short Haircuts For Women - Kylie Jenner

Slicked Back Look

The straight slicked back look has been a favourite amongst many celebrities lately, and we love the short hair version of it on Kristen Stewart.

Short Haircuts For Women - Kristen Stewart

Short Round Curls

Kiersey Clemons and with her short round curls looks magical!

Short Haircuts For Women - Kiersey Clemons

Pastel Colors

One of the benefits of short haircuts for women is that soft colors and pastels look better on them rather than long hair. Katy Perry looks refreshing with this look and it certainly doesn’t look odd.

Short Haircuts For Women - Katy Perry

corkscrew curls

If you have curly hair like Julia Garner then enhance them even more with a diffuser when you are drying them to add some volume to the ends of your hair.

Short Haircuts For Women - Julia Garner

Fake Half-Updo

If you have short hair and still want it to look like you have done a half-updo hairstyle then tuck your hair behind your ears just like Kate Mara.

Short Haircuts For Women - Kate Mara

Messy Ringlets

Rock this messy curls look like Jessica Chastain if you have short hair to really stand out.

Short Haircuts For Women - Jessica Chastain

Puffy Curls

Janelle Monae’s puffy curls really add a lot of texture and character to her entire look.

Short Haircuts For Women - Janelle Monae

One Length Bob

A simple all around same length bob can never go wrong and we love it on Jaime King.

Short Haircuts For Women - Jaime King

Goldilocks length

Not too long and not too short, one of the perfect short haircuts for women where you can not go wrong. We love Emma Stone’s hair color!

Short Haircuts For Women - Emma Stone

Hair Jewels

Add some accessories to your hair like Alexa Chung and make use of your short length in the best way possible.

Short Haircuts For Women - Alexa Chung
20 Best Short Haircuts For Women To Try Now
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20 Best Short Haircuts For Women To Try Now
Don't be afraid to chop off your hair, we are here to give you all the inspiration you need on short haircuts for women to follow this year.
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