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Posherry is a Fashion & Lifestyle affiliate marketplace & eCommerce enabler. Posherry’s main businesses entail affiliate marketing for brands across the globe, eCommerce IT & infrastructure provisions for young brands, brand & product promotion with the help of creative personalization & styling cloud based tools to help take the shopping experience for the customer to the next level. Posherry focuses on true personalization by curating & styling each merchandise by professional stylists keeping in mind all the body-types, skin-tones.

We are fundamentally a fashion company trying to simplify the shopping experience & ease the buying decision with the help of personalized products like virtual try on & creative board making tool for stylists & self-stylists.


Posherry offers Fashion & Lifestyle products from brands across the World as affiliates on its portal all in one place. We then curate these products according to what your body type, skin color, age and height is. Once you are on Posherry all the styling has already been done for you which makes it even easier to discover and shop for looks that you love and looks that would suit you best.


Posherry intends to drive exclusive sales for fashion and lifestyle e-commerce players and help higher product discovery by maximum curation. We further intend to encourage upcoming designers with the help of online visibility & e-commerce platforms.

Affiliate Marketing is a marketing method used by brands across the globe wherein influencers, bloggers, platform owners, etc can promote products for sale, identified by affiliate ids to earn commissions. Posherry intends to reach global coverage in terms of product offerings on the platform using this marketing method. Posherry further promotes the use of its platform by offering personalization & product preview tools to customers.


Posherry’s Blog is a new age fashion & lifestyle blog, we constantly try to bring fresh and exciting new trends to our readers. Posherry Features a fashion blog, runway, fashion designer, top fashion industry news and fashion & beauty reviews for women’s fashion. Please contact us if you wish to collaborate with us. (Head over to our blog now)

About Us
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About Us
Find out more about us on Posherry a fashion & lifestyle blog for fashion designer, industry news and fashion & beauty reviews for women.
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