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Body Language: Your Bag-Holding Style Says A Lot About You

Body Language: Your Bag-Holding Style Says A Lot About You

Let’s make you think about the way you carry your bag on a daily basis because believe it or not it gets noticed and it says a lot about you. According to several experts, your body language says a lot about your personality in what you do generally all day long but specifically, the way you hold your bag also says a lot. We bet this is going to make you think a lot the next time you grab your bag. Obviously, there are several different types of bags that exist and each one serves a different purpose for specific occasions. For example, you know for a fact that if you see a woman at a special occasion or a party you expect her to hold a smaller purse or clutch. This allows them to carry basic essentials without holding a big bulky bag. On the other hand, if you’re on the go or running errands you will usually find women opting for a shoulder bag in order to keep their hands free.

Depending on the type and size of a bag, a woman will hold it and carry it accordingly. We are sure this might sound new and odd to you but believe it or not there are several ‘bag holding styles’. There are a huge number of them but today we will be talking about the main 10. Who would have thought that when we rush out every morning that it would matter how we are carrying our bag. Well, it actually might not matter to us at all but obviously, some people cared enough to study body language properly. Find out more about your body language and what your ‘bag holding style’ says about you below and let’s get you paranoid about one more thing while getting dressed.

Body Language: Your Bag-Holding Style Says A Lot About You

Way # 1: Bag worn over one shoulder and held close to the body

If you hold your bag in this way it means you are very practical and when you meet a new person you need them to prove that they are worthy of your trust. You feel the need to act smart while you are in public and surrounded by many people in order to watch out for yourself. If you hold it like this you are probably just being smart and careful but if you tightly grip the bag and pull it usually reflects fear and lower self-esteem.

Women who wear their bag over one shoulder and keep it close to their body are definitely more concerned with function than appearance. Your body language shows you are aware of what is happening around you.

Body Language-Bag worn over one shoulder and held close to the body

Way # 2: Bag worn over one shoulder and swinging freely

If you are carrying your bag over one shoulder and letting it swing freely you are characterized by your spontaneous, carefree attitude. People probably know you as being confident and self-assured. Women who wear their bags over one shoulder and let it hang casually are not really worried about the way their purse looks, but rather, they are carrying it like that because it’s practical and easy to access. You favor functionality over the display, and designer labels are not your number one priority. You let life come with the flow and give off a confident look. In order to hold your bag like this, you have to be confident about what it is your bag!

Body Language-Bag worn over one shoulder and swinging freely

Way # 3: Bag held in front of the body with both hands

Experts refer to this bag-holding style as “The Twoffer” and it denotes a shy, defensive person who feels the need to protect oneself. This might indicate the fact that you suffer from anxiety in social gatherings and don’t like it when the attention is on you. Usually, you see this type of style on someone who is generally shy and found in new situations surrounded by people they don’t know. You are probably the type of person who would take time to open up to people.

Body Language- Bag held in front of the body with both hands

Way # 4: Bag in front of the body and worn in a cross-body manner

We might have said this before but in any cross-body bag “function is more important than appearance”. If you hold your bag in front of your body then this body language indicates you want as much freedom of movement possible along with the feeling of protection and accessibility. This way is the most convenient way to get into your bag and the safest if you’re on the go, out and walking a lot. There are some people who keep their bags in front because they may be feeling cautious, shy or defensive.

Body Language- Bag in front of the body and worn in a cross-body manner

Way # 5: Bag behind the body and worn in a cross-body manner

You are probably super chilled out and have a personality that is more trusting than others. You don’t like to concern yourself with the things you have to carry and you are also not concerned with how you look at that point in time. You are probably always in a hurry or with whatever you are doing and just happen to swing the bag behind. Some experts say that if you choose to keep your bag either in the front or behind your body it is actually a sign of your temperament, can you relate to this??

Body Language- Bag behind the body and worn in a cross-body manner

Way # 6: Bag worn in crook of elbow

Finally moving away from the cross-body bag, this approach depicts a flaunting of your status and authority. The arm crook can carry a big bag and when you hold a big bag you are giving off signals that you like to be seen. In this case, your priority is your appearance as well as your status and position, holding a bag like this can indicate you are carrying a purse with a big price tag. Usually, if it’s one of those expensive bags, the logo is usually placed in the center and when you hold it like this, people who know can identify it easily. A handbag held in the crook of an elbow is the kind of body language that indicates an ambitious and high maintenance woman. She is showing off what she has and what she expects to receive from the world.

Body Language- Bag worn in crook of elbow

Way # 7: Bag held in hand

Just like you see a man walking down the street with his briefcase and in his suit is most comparable to this style of holding a bag. You are an assertive, well-organized, efficient and sophisticated woman. People also carry their bag like this as if it is just an accessory to your outfit as you want all the attention to the outfit itself. Most women who carry their bag in the hand are either holding a laptop bag, briefcase or a purse with all the straps held in the hand.

Body Language-Bag held in hand

Way # 8: Bag resting on your back- Backpack

If you like to wear a backpack you are probably more important, like to take care of yourself and of people around you.While freedom is important, you primarily like to be prepared for any situation. You are probably also considered the most reliable person amongst your friends. You strongly believe in healthy living and find comfort in having a sense of belonging.

Body Language-Bag resting on your back- backpack

Way # 9: Carrying several bags

If you embrace the Schlepper style which means you might have several bags, carried in a ‘wherever fits’ manner you are probably exhausted all the time and in a rush. So many bags at once suggest that you are a little spaced out.

Body Language-Carrying several bags

Way # 10: Bag-less

If you’re going hands-free, meaning you are bag-less just means you are in a privileged position where others carry your things around for you. There are a couple of different outcomes in what experts say about people going bag-less. You are either very self-assured as you have so much going on for you that carrying a bag is not your priority. Or it means you just hate taking that burden and prefer to move freely and this shows you are very secure in your own identity. Lastly in the case of many celebrities, not carrying a bag indicates a level of status where others handle the everyday issues such as money and schedules. Basically, it signals to others that you are so important you can’t be bothered with mere day-to-day tasks like bag carrying.

Body Language-Bag held in hand

In sum, the way you carry your handbag says a lot about your personality. We are sure you are going to notice the next few women you see around you the next time you step out into the crowd. Women like to look at each other’s bags and observe them, just know that someone could be watching you as a person as well. Now, good luck trying to throw the world off now that you know how NOT to carry your handbag. 😛

Body Language: Your Bag-Holding Style Says A Lot About You
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Body Language: Your Bag-Holding Style Says A Lot About You
The way you hold your bag gets noticed! Find out what your body language says about your personality in the way you carry your bag.
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