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Glitz & Glam! The Best Beauty Gifts Of 2017

Glitz & Glam! The Best Beauty Gifts Of 2017

This year we saw some stunning cosmetic launches along with a number of hair and nail products. To help you find the best of the lot that came out this year, we have put together some of the best beauty gifts you could give someone this holiday. We all know that this is the best time for the best deals and gift sets and the beauty industry come out with the best possible sets ever. During this time beauty brands release holiday kits featuring some of their bestsellers and along with limited-edition launches.

Most of the gifts in our list are absolutely breathtaking and are the types of gifts you can give without a worry and a receipt 😛 We have narrowed down the best beauty gifts for 2o17 according to categories so it’s easier for you to decide. Give someone a chance to put their glam on with some of these amazing products this year.

Tip for wine and beauty lovers: WINE LIPSTICKS ARE NOW A THING


Glitz & Glam! The Best Beauty Gifts Of 2017


We are finding it hard to decide which one out of these three are our favorite because how can you choose between Huda beauty, MAC, and Nars? We certainly can’t but you might be able to based on who you are giving it to. However, the MAC collection looks amazing and is value for money for sure.


If you are ready to splurge a little then you’ll be the person who got the best gift if you buy the Naked Vault 2017 Limited Edition collection. On the other hand, we have another equally amazing option but affordable from e.l.f.. They made the news quite a lot this year because of how amazing their products are and their prices are super affordable, they have become everyone’s go-to brand in such a small span of time. What else has been trending? UNICORN fever! We all know that one person who has been obsessed with the unicorn trend this year, end their year on an amazing note with a new set of unicorn inspired brushes.


If you’re confused, go for the whole package! Rihanna came out with her first beauty collection and it was one of the biggest releases of the year. It’s something to get your hands on before it’s all sold out so hurry up! If you go for the Sephora makeup palette just the size of it will drive people crazy, just look at it. It’s better to get someone a palette as a gift as you don’t know what the other person might like, especially when it comes to specific colors. With a palette, they have all the options and can mix and match.


Having that glowing face all the time is not so easy, our lifestyle plays a huge role in that and the products we use. It’s important to take care of your skin and we all want to so you can’t go wrong with getting a whole skincare package. Our is favorite is the set of face masks as we are in a full face mask kind of zone these days.


Have a friend with long hair? Or someone who is obsessed with it? Give them a little treat for their hair and get them ready to style it for all the festive parties to come.



Perhaps of the most common gifts to give someone as there are so many to choose from and the best sets are usually available in this category. You can’t go wrong with this, everyone enjoys a new perfume even if they have that one scent they stick to every day. Our pick: Victoria’s Secret Rollerball Perfume.


Do you know a nail freak? Someone who always has the prettiest manicures or super long nails? They will never get bored with more nail products. We think someone like this will particularly love the electric manicure & pedicure nail file set, with these they can always make sure to have perfect nails.


Some of the beauty launches from this year are really beautiful and have sold out fast, don’t miss the chance to get the festive collections that the brands have put together. Make a girl happy this holiday with new products to add to her makeup kit. 🙂

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