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5 Best Male Blogs For Beauty To Follow In 2017

5 Best Male Blogs For Beauty To Follow In 2017

If 2016 could be described in one word; it would be the year of the individual. Throughout the year there was a continuous change that kept occurring in the fashion and beauty industry. There was a huge push in the society to not be a part of the norm and instead stand out from the crowd. People started to express themselves more, shared their honest opinions publicly and became more confident about their own bodies and looks to the world. Since it was the year of the individual a number of best male blogs came out of this thinking and approach that we are thankful for.

This is when we saw a big rise in the world of male beauty bloggers. When it comes to how these guys approach makeup, the mantra is the bigger and bolder the better. From their on-point lip colors and razor sharp brows, these bloggers are not about the natural look. Men everywhere are embracing these techniques in their own day-to-day lives. And with the help of these rising kings of the beauty industry, they are sure to keep our interests into the New Year. We see male bloggers growing in both the fashion and beauty industry but we have narrowed down the five best male blogs for beauty that you are definitely going to want to follow, whether your a girl or a guy.

5 Best Male Blogs For Beauty To Follow In 2017 


PATRICK STAR – patrickstarrr/Instagram

Patrick is amongst one of the most original male beauty bloggers out there with nearly 2 million YouTube subscribers. He has a loyal fan base covering every brow stroke and color choice.

Best male blogs for beauty - Patrick Star

James Charles – jamescharles/Instagram

James Charles shocked everyone in the beauty industry at such an early age of being just 17 years old. He became the first ever male CoverGirl in 2016 and is known for his fantastic beauty tutorials.

Best male blogs for beauty - James Charles

Manny Mua – mannymua733/Instagram

When it comes to feeling fierce and fabulous, Manny Mua has us covered with his larger than life personality that has his nearly 2.6 million Instagram followers coming back for more. This makes him one of the best male blogs for beauty for sure.

Best male blogs for beauty - Manny Mua

Ryan Potter – cybersleep/Instagram

An up-and-coming star in the beauty world, Ryan Potter’s “Back to School” makeup tutorial gave him all the attention he needed to create such a huge and growing social media presence.

Best male blogs for beauty - Ryan Potter

Gabriel Zamora – thegabrielzamora/Instagram

Gabriel Zamora loves his color, from his signature blue locks to his use of color within his makeup tutorials, which is something that his followers love.


Best male blogs for beauty - Gabriel Zamora

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