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Street Style Fashion From New York Fashion Week SS17

Street Style Fashion From New York Fashion Week SS17
New York Fashion Week SS17 kicked off the month of fashion shows last week and the shows to follow will take place in London, Milan and Paris. We are excited for the remaining fashion weeks but the first week is the most exciting for sure! I strongly believe the famous quote that is said “The best looks aren’t always on the runway”. I think you have understood where I am going with this, all the action that takes place on the runway is not the only place you should keep your eyes on. Looking at the street style fashion is a much greater indicator of where trends will be at for the next season in real time, on women in the street. Some real time trends this year have also been the snapchat filters and this was in fact turned around from the streets and our homes to the runway this year at fashion week.

“City streets are the real runway”

There can be no better place to look for inspiration because all you need to do is just walk on the street and keep your eyes open! You start asking yourself who is wearing what? Is this straight off the runway? What is the brand everyone is wearing and where can I get it from? You should definitely expect to see a vast variety of looks and yes of course not all the styles you see will be your cup of tea, some might be too bold, bright of even too simple for you. Be open to seeing clashing prints and striking shapes during NYFW, check out some of the most amazing street style fashion moments from the streets outside of New York Fashion Week in the gallery below.

Street Style Fashion From New York Fashion Week SS17


Street Style Fashion From New York Fashion Week SS17
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Street Style Fashion From New York Fashion Week SS17
Street style fashion is always the best place to get fashion inspiration, check out some of the best street style moments from New York Fashion Week SS17.
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