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Brands That Are Saving The Planet (In Style) On World Earth Day 2017

Brands That Are Saving The Planet (In Style) On World Earth Day 2017

Earth Day 2017 is right around the corner (April 22), and we have been looking at how everyone around us are thinking of leading lives that are very environmentally friendly. For people like us who want to be eco-friendly and not compromise on our style there are a number of brands that are giving us this chance of being fashion conscious. So many clothing, accessory and beauty brands have decided to become more green recently in their own unique ways. This year on Earth day 2017 these lines are really giving back to the environment and we should support them in every way possible for doing something so incredible for our planet. Join them and celebrate with them this Earth Day 2017, where its really time to consider our impact on the environment.

We also love how sustainable fashion, green beauty, organic products are words we hear so much recently and though they may be helping the environment they have become more of a trend. So many brands and designers are standing up for their concerns about global warming. Groups such as H&M are doing their part to educate their consumers and Stella McCartney building their entire business on sustainability and vegan collections. Sustainable fashion is becoming such a big trend in this industry, this gives out the message loud and clear to millions of people and it’s a great way to increase awareness. Now some people even choose organic products out of choice, especially in the beauty industry since they prefer not to use too many chemicals on their body. So, let’s keep these fashion and beauty trends alive for a long time in order to save our planet as much as we can! Read below to find out how 20 fashion, accessory and beauty brands are giving back to the environment.

Brands That Are Saving The Planet (In Style) On World Earth Day 2017

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Nisolo


Burton is working with Mountain Dew this year to transform their recycled bottles into thread to create the fabric that gets used in Burtons snowboards and clothes. For every $5 purchase from their flagship store, Earth Day Network will plant five trees for every item sold, the brand has partnered up with them for Earth Day 2017.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Burton


We all know how H&M is known for their fashionable pieces at an affordable price but with their Conscious collections that they bring out every year they offer pieces that are made from sustainable materials. Check out all about the H&M CONSCIOUS EXCLUSIVE COLLECTION FOR A SUSTAINABLE FASHION FUTURE.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - H&M


This brand is actually accepting clothes and shoes from any brand where these items will then be re-worn, repurposed or recycled.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Levi's

The North Face

Just like Levi’s even North Face are accepting unwanted products that they sort out into several categories and they are recycled into new clothing.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - The North Face

True Religion

For Earth Day 2017 (April 22), True Religion is coming out with a new and innovated fabric called Hydrate Denim that requires less water, waste and energy but gives the same quality. Their tags on the clothing are also made from sustainable forest paper.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - True Religion

Alba Botanica

Alba Botanica offers skin and beauty care products, many of which are hypoallergenic, gentle, vegetarian and not tested on animals. Their sunscreen is one of their bestsellers which includes ingredients such as green tea, aloe vera and sunflower seed oil.

Beauty brands on Earth Day 2017 - Alba Botanica


Rafa’s beautiful chic block heel sandals are made by a group of artisans in LA with eco materials, so you will always feel good stepping into them.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - RAFA

Stella McCartney

This brand is eco-fashion at its best with their animal-free products and their aim to offer luxury sustainable fashion. Stella McCartney’s stores are powered by wind energy and some of the famous platforms are made from sustainable wood.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Stella McCartney


This denim brand cuts their fabric to maximize yardage. The remains after cutting the fabric are recycled and used in home and car insulations. Other than this they also use a lot of natural fibers in their garments.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 -AG

Amour Vert

This brand plants a tree for every one of its tees sold but especially for Earth Day 2017 they plan to plant a tree for every person who posts a picture of a tree on Instagram and tags #PlantATreeAV and tags @AmourVert.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Amour Vert


The famous trunks of the brand are made from this regenerated nylon which is made from fishing nets and other waste. Research tells us that over 640,000 tons of fishing nets are abandoned in the oceans which often capture and kill a lot of the marine life.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Outerknown


This footwear brand uses renewable, organic and recycled materials as much as they can. Some shoes are made with a ReCanvas fabric, which has 100% recycled PET.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Timberland

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Klorane combines their pharmaceutical knowledge with botanical ingredients to produce these amazing products. Their shampoo in particular is amazing because it is cruelty-free and does not interfere with the scalp’s pH balance due to the use of oat milk formula.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Klorane

Freedom of Animals

Freedom of Animals started a collaboration line with Nikki Reed where they launched a line of bags that are very eco-friendly. All of them are made from cruelty-free, eco-faux leather and lined with organic cotton.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Freedom Of Animals

Physicians Formula

Physicians formula – fragrance free, paraben free, hypo-allergenic, gluten free, dermatologist approved and non-comedogenic. We love their leaf-inspired mascara since it’s different to your normal mascara package and stands out along with spreading a message. It has 100% natural formula and a 100% recyclable eco-brush. It gives you the same volume and length without all those chemicals.

Beauty brands on Earth Day 2017 - Physicians Formula

United By Blue

The one mission this brand has is to clean up water pollution. They remove one pound of trash from oceans for every product sold and all their products are made from recycled materials.

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - United by Blue

RMS Beauty

RMS Beauty provide you with natural beauty products that are made with organic ingredients and they believe a woman needs a beauty line that is as pure as possible. They use raw ingredients which give your skin all the nutrients it needs.

Beauty brands on Earth Day 2017 - RMS Beauty


The clothing company’s Garment Recycling program is definitely something you want to try if you are in America for Earth day 2017. You can head to the closest store to donate your used Theory clothing and in return, you’ll get credit towards your next purchase. The donations will go to Year Up Inc. a national nonprofit organisation which provides underprivileged young adults with education, experience and guidance. 

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Theory


A brand that creates ethically-sourced leather shoes that support craftsmen in Peru. They only use leather that is a by-product of the meat industry and follows eco-friendly waste disposal practices. You will find a range of chic mules, ’60s-inspired huaraches, classic oxfords, and ballet flats in the brands shoe line. 

Fashion brands on Earth Day 2017 - Nisolo

Tata Harper

Tata Harper Skincare was founded on the idea that women no longer have to sacrifice their health to look and feel beautiful. For example their face mask is definitely a must have product in your kit. The green glass jar is recyclable and it targets the signs of environmental stressors such as smog and pollution without the use of synthetic ingredients. Their natural ingredients come straight from the brand’s farm in Vermont.

Beauty brands on Earth Day 2017 - Tata Harper
Brands That Are Saving The Planet (In Style) On World Earth Day 2017
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Brands That Are Saving The Planet (In Style) On World Earth Day 2017
Join these fashion, accessory and beauty brands on World Earth Day 2017 to celebrate saving our planet and environment in style.
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