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Cool Tech Gadgets & The Foodie Gift Guide

Cool Tech Gadgets & The Foodie Gift Guide

Whether you’re gifting a coffee lover, cheese obsessed person or someone who needs those cool tech gadgets, we have them all here. From tasty food baskets to clever kitchen tools, we have rounded up the best of the best to ensure that the foodie or techy in your life gets the gift they truly deserve. It’s the holiday time and you might be hosting a number of parties and dinners at your place, you will find some cool new additions to add to your tableware along with accessories to make your drinks stand out and lastly, some out of this world candles to add a wonderful fragrance to your home.

Cool Tech Gadgets & The Foodie Gift Guide


Finding that perfect scent for some people is very important when they want their house to always smell like that. These are three candles that really stand out this year. We are so curious to find out about the mac candle, this is the coolest gift you can give any Apple fan out there. The candle’s scent has been designed to remind people of a freshly opened box of Apple hardware, wow?? However, we love the Jo Malone candles, they have some of the best combinations ever.

food & cool tech gadgets - candles food & cool tech gadgets - candles food & cool tech gadgets - candles

Cheese Addict

For anyone who loves cheese, choose any of the options from below and they will so happy as they all play an important role when it comes to cheese. One the way the cheese is cut, the way it’s presented and the way it’s made. The DIY cheese kit could be something they would love to try and create something that they love on their own at home.

food & cool tech gadgets - cheese cutter food & cool tech gadgets - cheese plate food & cool tech gadgets - DIY cheese kit

Fashionable Tech Gadgets

You might think these are just regular accessories but that’s not true. We know so many people who find it hard typing on their phone during the winters due to their gloves, but these gloves are built to be able to type on your touchscreen phone without a problem. This stylish bracelet is an activity and sleep tracker and the spire stone is a clip if you can clip onto your clothes and it helps you manage your stress, keeps you calm and tracks your activity too.

food & cool tech gadgets - typing gloves food & cool tech gadgets - activity tracker bracelet food & cool tech gadgets - activity tracker clip

Smile & Click!

A type of camera for every type of person, a cool vintage polaroid, instant print out camera and a super chic looking camera. We live in world where we capture every precious moment to us and during this holiday time give someone a chance to capture some memories in a stylish way.

food & cool tech gadgets - polaroid camera food & cool tech gadgets - instant print out camera food & cool tech gadgets - camera

Drink Accessories

Do you know someone whose hosting a party this year? Give them something to make the drinks they serve stand out, these colorful marble coasters are our favorite. Tip: Make our drinks look super luxurious with a decorative cocktail stick.

food & cool tech gadgets - marble coasters food & cool tech gadgets - cocktail sticksfood & cool tech gadgets - cocktail shaker


With a huge range of speakers available to us today there are lot’s to choose from but these are our favorite picks for the month. If you know someone who doesn’t have this, it’s time they need one.

food & cool tech gadgets - speaker food & cool tech gadgets - speaker food & cool tech gadgets - speaker

Plates 🙂

Add some stunning plates to someone’s tableware collection, sweet treats feel even more special atop a whimsical plate.

food & cool tech gadgets - pretty plates food & cool tech gadgets - pretty plates food & cool tech gadgets - pretty plates

Tea or Coffee?

Something almost everyone drinks every single day, so this is a gift you really can’t go wrong with, you just need to know what the person prefers, tea or coffee. They are all gift sets, or basket and is a very presentable gift.


food & cool tech gadgets - tea & coffee   food & cool tech gadgets - tea & coffeefood & cool tech gadgets - tea & coffee

If your looking for fashionable gifts or beauty gifts check out the other holiday guides on Posherry and hurry because Christmas is just a few days away now!


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