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Cupping Therapy For Your Face – Vacuum To Get Glowing Skin

Cupping Therapy For Your Face – Vacuum To Get Glowing Skin

What is cupping all about that everyone has been talking about lately?? To be honest I had heard of cupping therapy but only researched about it when I came across the famous VJ, Bani J’s Instagram account. She recently shared a picture of herself undergoing the Chinese cupping therapy. I got scared at first but when I read more about the ancient eastern medicine practice, I understood how it has helped so many people since. Check out what Bani J had to say about the cupping therapy and read on to learn all about why facial cupping should be a part of your beauty routine.

You look at someone and judge them. Before you even realise you're doing it, before you even realise it's done- it's so innate the programming. ___________________________________________ People that train, athletes, competitive or not, go through a lot of pain on a daily basis. Some internal, some external. It's like muscle warfare, mental warfare – yes one more rep pick it the fuck up.. And then there's all the stuff life likes to throw at you. The good, the beautiful, the love that gets you so high you just want to bury yourself in it, the bad and then the really really fucked up shit that makes you feel you have absolutely no control and where was that fucking thing we like to call 'the point' in all of this to begin with? ____________________________________________ So yes, the notorious ever changing 'point', Don't always assume or think it's all for vanity. Don't assume just because you see the 6pack abs that they were easily obtained, that life is so easy for them, don't think just because you see the smiles and hear the laughter that it didn't take a 90 degree trek and a hell of a horrifying trudge to get to that point. This is the problem with social media these days. It's one highlight reel after the other. Well, here's my highlight, I'm in pain. Physical, emotional and spiritual. I'm also smiling and deliriously in love. It's been a hard week and some of y'all know my moms been sick and she's gotten sicker. And it sucks balls. So yeah. Struggle town population +1 for sure. Not here to crib about it, here to let you know everyone is struggling. Feel the love yourself and then try and see people through it with that Love. It's the most we can do. That's all ❤️ ______________________________________________ PS: this Chinese cupping therapy is Bomb. Hurts like hell, and you're left with these amazing marks. But ayy.. scar tissue always stronger than regular tissue right? Fun science fact: The spots that are redder than others are where there were bigger deeper knots/ stress/ tension. The skin gets red because of the increase in blood flood, relieving of the pressure built up inside and helps get rid of toxins. Now, I need a nap. Gday!

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Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which a therapist puts special cups on your skin for a few minutes to create suction. People get it done for many purposes, such as to help with pain, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and as a type of deep-tissue massage. It is said to promote circulation and tension relief, however facial cupping has an opposite effect visually. Instead of getting bruises the treatment works to increase blood flow and circulation which leaves you with glowing, decongested skin.

Dermatologist’s have said most of the time we get dull skin because of lack of circulation or stimulation under the skin. Unlike the traditional cupping therapy the reason it doesn’t leave bruises on the face is because the cups keep moving, controlling the blood movement which transports toxins away from the surface to be drained through your lymph system. It apparently feels like a vacuum sucking up your skin but it doesn’t hurt. No doubt there will be some redness on your skin but that should fade away within a few hours. They say that the next day after getting this treatment done your skin will feel soft, toned, firm and glowy.

Cupping Therapy For Your Face – Vacuum To Get Glowing Skin

Check out our favourite Farah Dhukai showing us how to do facial cupping with your own home kit below:


There are plenty of at-home kits available in the market and online but if you are not familiar with how it is done exactly, we suggest getting your first treatment done from a professional. This vacuum technique has been used for years to treat acne, double chin, wrinkles and saggy skin. Keep reading to know all the benefits of using the cupping therapy for your face:

Boosts circulation
A healthy skin depends on proper blood circulation. Also, this stimulates the cells that produce collagen, which firm the skin.

Rejuvenates skin

Better nutrition brought to the skin helps bring a young glow. Any beauty products used post-treatment are absorbed better and are more effective.

Reduces wrinkles

The suction motion reduces the visible fine lines, wrinkles, and scarring because of injuries or acne. The skin will also looks plumper. The connecting tissue under the skin is stimulated so that it heals and reduces smile and laugh lines.

Therapeutic Benefits

Facial cupping is helpful to patients suffering from a range of health related problems with the head and neck area without the need for more extensive treatments. They are: Sinus infections, headache, facial paralysis and earaches.

Cupping Therapy For Your Face - Vacuum To Get Glowing Skin


A facial cupping session typically lasts for about 30 minutes. First of all you skin need to be cleaned properly and then you can apply any therapeutic oils such coconut, jojoba or any other essential oil according to your preference. First gently massage your face and then being the cupping. Keep the cups moving continuously don’t spend too long on one area and don’t apply too much pressure either. You want to gently use the vacuum motion all around the face.

Side effects?

The procedure has side effects, say experts. Firstly, the pressure for the vacuum should be controlled and monitored according to skin type, texture and condition. If used with too much pressure for too long, it can cause bruising, tenderness and swelling. Frequent use can also cause skin laxity by damaging the underlying elastic fibres and collagen.

Other than your face if you have cellulite on your legs, thighs, hips area cupping therapy can help reduce them: Cellulite, which is basically fat deposits just beneath the skin along with a lot of collagen. It can be effectively broken down with vacuum pressure. Many people use this treatment for cellulite reduction and to make your skin firm.

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    I saw people who have cupped in singapore. Seemed so strange

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    Definitely seems interesting – not something I’ve heard of before! Definitely extremely curious and want to try it out now though!


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