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Cute Summer Outfits For Every Body Type [Complete Guide]

Cute Summer Outfits For Every Body Type [Complete Guide]

We understand how difficult it is to find clothes that make us feel amazing and comfortable at the same time. This summer, one of the tricks for buying clothes is to figure out what is your body type because getting dressed is a whole lot easier when we know what pieces work best for our shape. We have curated some cute summer outfits which work best for every body type with two looks per body type. But don’t forget that the key to feeling good and looking your best is to wear clothes that you are comfortable in, so don’t take fashion rules too seriously – These are just some guidelines as to what clothing is most flattering on your particular body shape.

Our bodies are full of different proportions and angles. In order to do justice to them, clothing has been made to fit those different proportions perfectly. Dressing up is not about to looking slim, it’s all about emphasizing your shape and showing off what you have so you feel good about yourself. We all are unique and so is are our bodies. You might fall into one category or you might be a blend of two or more but once you determine your body shape you can grab on those fashion trends and know which ones to avoid. In order to dress and flatter your body shape, we bring you these cute summer outfits for all body types and shapes. Rock the summer with some of these trendy summer looks that you will always stay cool in.

So let’s create curves and interest to your frame.

If you are not sure about what your body type is, take a look at this picture to figure it out:

Cute Summer Outfits For Every Body Type [Complete Guide]

Square / Rectangle

Women with rectangular body shapes tend to be lean, edgy and have a fabulous figure with a little waist. Your body type is categorized where the shoulders and waistlines have the same broadness. Even if you have a little waist, ladies consider yourself lucky as you are blessed with this body type and its one of the easiest bodies when it comes to dressing up. There are endless combinations to it. Since you are tall and probably have an athletic build, you would look great in tailored fitted clothes. You have a great figure so make the most out of it! We have created these two cute summer outfits  based on your body type:

The first look has this amazing navy blue maxi dress which is perfect for your body type, as it is giving an edge to your waist and an overall elegant look. Halter necklines appear to be very flattering on you as it compliments your bust without over – accentuating them. The tiers on the front of the outfit give a feminine shape to you, however, this look is preferably for women who are tall. Girls who are shorter do not to worry as they can always opt for an A-line skirt or pencil skirt with ruffles. To not be afraid to show off your legs as you probably have great ones. Either show them off by showing some skin or the other way around by wearing a tight skirt or pants to highlight your figure. We have put together a navy blue and brown look for you, because all your brown accessories will go well with a fun summer straw hat. 

Cute Summer Outfits- Rectangle Body Type


The second look is made up of a cute white ruffle top which will add volume to your shoulders. When you pair this top with some wide leg pants that have a print it will help accentuate your waist. Those heels beneath the pants will make you look taller and will help to balance your outfit. This look seems to be perfect for your body type.

If you still feel like these cute summer outfits aren’t helping you, then you can always go for something that is nipped at your waistline or empire waist. Playing with accessories is essential, you can always go for belts as they will never go out of fashion. They can be your best wardrobe investments that would trim your waist in a flash. Tuck in your shirt or top in order to create a shape and since you probably have a short waist, we suggest that skinny jeans will do wonders for you. In order to give a strong definition to your shape, you can also go for block colors and for shoes that have a curve at the front. This means picking out options like ballerinas and pumps would be best for you. The look below is one of those cute summer outfits that can work both during the day and night. 

Cute Summer Outfits- Rectangle Body Type


Round /Apple

Women with apple-shaped bodies are considered to have narrow hips and broad back and shoulders. Your waistline may appear to have a little definition but you have fabulous legs and bust to die for. Since legs are your prime assets, don’t be shy to flaunt those sexy legs this summer with our cute summer outfits lined up especially for you. We have created these two cute summer outfits which will help your body type this summer.

The first look revolves around a wrap around floral dress. As your waist it what you want to hide this flared dress will do just that for you. Yes, it has a belt around the waist but that will just help give your body some shape and not make it stand out. A low V- neckline works best for you as it accentuates your cleavage. Wearing heels beneath the dress will make your legs look even more attractive. A big statement necklace like this one will keep all the focus on your upper body and not right to the middle. The soft pink accessories will go well with the pink florals from the dress. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Round Body Type


This cute bright A- line dress with a round neck will help you to cover your stomach area well. The ruffles around your shoulder area will make your shoulders look less broad. Floral heels go well with your orange dress as it makes your legs look shaped along with this brown saddle bag.

If either of these cute summer outfits doesn’t work for you then you can even try some tailored looks. Fitted button down shirts and straight trouser will flatter your body type really well.  Solid colors whether they are light or dark will work well on you. Go for a monochromatic look to make your waistline look slimmer. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Round Body Type



Since we are talking about hourglass – Let’s take a look back at Posherry`s first ever post by our Creative Head, Mansi Tuli  – Love the shapes from your body where we have given you the best tips on what you should wear according to your shape. Out of all the other body types, the hourglass type is considered to have the best proportions. Women with an hourglass- shaped body have a full hip and bust line of the same width and have a well-defined waist. Ladies, you have curves at all the right places which give you a very attractive look. Check out these two cute summer outfits for an hourglass body below. 

Fitted clothes will help you show off your curves beautifully which is why we have chosen this orange crop top along with shorts for our first look. The deep neckline will accentuate your cleavage and open toe heels will give your legs some dimension. Straw bags are the hot trend for this season so give your look the perfect summery accessory and be ready for the season in style.

Cute Summer Outfits-Hourglass Body Type

Once again the second look also has a top that has a deep neckline, this helps to accentuate your cleavage. This pastel blue ruffled top with a floral peplum skirt is one of our favorite looks as it is so fresh. The peplum skirt will help define your beautiful waist and highlight your curves perfectly. Floral chunky heels will make your legs look toned. The skirt is doing all the talking for you here and the heels are also quite the statement. Finish off the look with a small soft pink clutch bag and drop earrings. 

Other amazing options for you to wear this summer would be to opt for lightweight or thin fabrics like silk or cotton as they would glide over your curves and flatter your shape. Go for well defined tops and jackets to flatter your already gorgeous figure or body-con dresses which once again seem like they have been made just for you. It’s better to avoid those low-waisted pants or skirts as it will hit at your hips making them look bigger. High-waist or mid -rise pants are way to go to show off your curvy hips. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Hourglass Body Type

Pear / Triangle

Women with this body type have all the attention drawn to their hips, thighs, and butts. For a triangle shape body, it’s not necessary to have a big butt but your lower body appears to be more prominent than your waist and bust. For your body shape, it is important that your legs look slimmer and these are some cute summer outfits for you that will do just that.  

Adding some volume to your upper body helps to balance out your overall look. This super cute cami-strap top with stripes will make it look like more is happening on the upper part of your body. Pair it with this high-waisted wide-leg pants in a solid color to make your legs look slimmer and longer. These pointed-toe shoes with wide pants will also make your legs look longer. Pops of red, orange and gold will help complete this look for you. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Pear Body Type

The second look also has a wide-leg pants in it as it is the best type of silhouette that works best for a pear shaped body.  Pair these black pants with a white one shoulder ruffled top to balance your pear shaped body. Ruffles are another hot trend for this season, giving your upper body all the stylish volume it needs. These Scarpin heels make you look taller. With a black and white look add some silver accessories to nail the metallic trend as well. 

We know both these cute summer outfits have pants in this and if pants are not your thing then you can try some dresses. A-line dresses and skirts are some alternative options you can wear. We also suggest that you wear darker colors along with tops which will highlight your upper body while slimming your wider hips. Experimenting well with your necklines like deep or more plunging necklines will give more emphasis to your upper body as well. So don’t be afraid to try some deep necks! Along with deep necklines, pair it with long neck-pieces which will help to fill in the neckline, adding lengths to your upper body. Shoulders are your prime asset so wear off shoulder tops that expose one or both shoulders. These are one of those casual summer outfit ideas that will work well during the night as well. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Pear Body Type


Inverted Triangle

The Inverted Triangle body shape is one of those very strong silhouettes compared to the others. Women with this body structure have noticeably strong shoulders that are wider than the hip-line. You may appear to have the sporty and athletic physique. You might also have little to no waist definition but once again you might have the most amazing legs. These two cute summer outfits for your body type have been made keeping in mind how to minimize your upper body. 

If you are this body shape then one of the dos would be to wear V-necklines and other open necklines. This is the reason we have styled this black wrap style top with flared sleeves with a denim skirt. The top is an empire waist top which will help give your body some shape and remove the focus from your upper body. It had been paired with a denim A-line skirt which looks great as it will fall graciously on your wider hips. Keeping the look casual for the summer we have finished the look with a pair of black lace-ups and a fringed bag.

Cute Summer Outfits-Inverted Triangle Body Type


The second look has a lacy crop top with a low V-neckline which will help slim down your upper body. It is paired up with high waist A-line skirt that flares out which once again will help cover the hips and balance out your body. The entire look is a very feminine one, by having a skirt with a lace top in soft pink tones. Delicate and slim heels go well for your body type and delicate goes with this look perfectly. With this look, you will have all the focus right in the middle or around your legs, don’t worry about your broad shoulders if you’re wearing this. 

Other cute summer outfits that you could try this summer are strapless tops, asymmetric tops with boot-cut jeans or relax fit pants. The best accessory for you would be large belts and bright colored heels. To add volume to your hips and legs waist-coats, trench coats and A-line capes would suit you best. It will help you to get a balanced figure. W ear bright colors, patterns and stripes with confidence this summer. In order to draw away attention from wide shoulders go for long pendants and avoid chunky and big earrings.

Cute Summer Outfits-Inverted Triangle Body Type


Women with this body type are lucky to have such beautiful arms and amazing lower legs. Your hips might appear to be broader than your shoulders and bust but the trick to dressing up a diamond shaped body type is to balance your shoulders and bust with your butt in order to create a waist. This can be achieved by choosing clothes that add curves and fullness to your upper body part. So, for this shape, you are completely free to go show off your arms and legs in style. For the diamond body type, we have created two cute summer outfits showing you how to do just that. 

This off shoulder dress will show off your arms and shoulders perfectly and the stripes will help make your body look taller. The detailing around the waist will help to make your waist look smaller. The dress is the perfect length to show off your legs and wear the hot trend of white sneakers this summer. Add a little fun and color to your summer look with this straw pom-pom bag and your all set. 

Cute Summer Outfits-Diamond Body Type

Similar to the off-shoulder we have a cold-shoulder option for you in the second look. The flared sleeves and floppy summer hat will accentuate your upper body. It is paired up with wide navy blue pants as the dark color bottoms will help to minimize the hip width. This body type is recommended to wear dark colors for the bottom along with relax or straight fit pants. Strappy sandals are the best kind of shoes to be worn for this shape and these white sandals are giving this look a very chic and athletic look.

Other cute summer outfits that can be worn for a diamond shaped body are tops with low necklines, bright colors, and tops that have puffed or capped sleeves. If you want to wear a skirt this summer then opt for a straight fit or one that has gathers or a flare. You can also go for belted tops and dresses, avoid sleeveless, high neck or turtleneck tops and dresses. Also, avoid over embellishments.

Cute Summer Outfits-Diamond Body Type


Today we have discussed the 6 main body types there are when it comes a Woman’s body. With our dos and dont’s for each shape along with outfit ideas we hope you will enjoy your summer and look your best. These 12 cute summer outfits were curated keeping in mind all shapes and sizes along with the trends for the season. Ready on to know a few other summer fashion trends for 2017 below:

Seaside Stripes

Seaside stripes look as if they have just been ripped out of an umbrella. So basically stripes are going to be seen a lot in the next few months. Vertical, horiontal and diagonal, all sorts of stripes!

Spring Summer Trends - Seaside Stripes

Single Shoulder Cutout

Whether it is a dress or top or a shirt the fashion industry is still all about those shoulders. Assemetric tops, off-shoulders, colder shoulders, one sleeve tops are all the hottest picks for the summer. Anything that will show your shoulders is hot. The single shoulder cutout is definitely a new favorite though amongst designers and celebrities. 

Spring Summer Trends -Single Shoulder Cutout

Dare To Yellow

Dare to yellow? No matter what your body type is or what is your skin tone, this is the perfect summer color. They are some beautiful different shades of yellow that have come out this year don’t be afraid to go bright.

Spring Summer Trends -Dare To Yellow

White Summer Dress

Check out these white summer dresses with interesting waistlines and hemlines trending this year. They make the perfect casual summer outfit which will keep you feeling cool all day. The best option if you confused would be a buttonw down white loose shirt dress. 

Spring Summer Trends -White Summer Dress

Look your best this summer and show off your body in the right way. Remember whatever size you are or shape you are there are clothes made just for them. What is more important though is the fact that they will make you feel better. If you are feeling good then no-one can stop that confidence coming in between your summer style.

If you have any other questions about your specific body type and styling tips don’t be afraid to ask us in the comments below.

Cute Summer Outfits For Every Body Type [Complete Guide]
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Cute Summer Outfits For Every Body Type [Complete Guide]
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