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7 Ways To Upcycle Old Sweaters | DIY Winter Accessories

7 Ways To Upcycle Old Sweaters | DIY Winter Accessories

We are at the end of January which means towards the end of the winter season. By now you are already thinking of your spring and summer wardrobe and starting to buy more for that season than for the winter. You might have gotten yourself a whole new wardrobe for winter this year and it’s time to get rid of some old sweaters or perhaps ones that are damaged. Even though you don’t need to make any big purchases such as sweaters and jackets, it’s still cold and some winter accessories help keep you warm. We don’t want you to spend anything more on your winter wardrobe for the remaining season, which is why we have put together a super easy to follow video on how to repurpose your old and damaged sweaters and convert them into super cute winter accessories. Follow the step by step guide below to create the one you like best or check out our full video below to see how we made them.

7 Ways To Upcycle Old Sweaters – Winter Accessories

Beanie Hat

What you need: An old sweater with a ribbed hem, pom-pom, scissors, fabric glue, chalk & a beanie.


  1. Place a beanie on the hem of the sweater in the middle and trace around it with a chalk.
  2. Cut the traced shape out.
  3. Place both the pieces together so that the correct layers are facing each other.
  4. Use a fabric glue to stick both of them together at around 1/2 inches.
  5. Let it dry overnight
  6. Turn it around and with some glue stick the pom-pom on and let it dry.


What you need: A turtleneck sweater & scissors.


  1. Cut on the line where the neckline and sweater are attached.
  2. Cut according to the width you want for your hairband.

Fingerless Gloves

What you need: Old sweater, fabric glue, scissors, thread, needle & some lace (we used a fur lace).


  1. Place your hand on the end of a sleeve and mark the point you want your gloves till.
  2. Cut that part out
  3. Mark a point for where your thumb would come.
  4. Make a cut at that point.
  5. Turn it inside out, turn 1/2 inch over and stitch it to give a clean look.
  6. Close the finger part separately to the thumb part.
  7. Turn it around and add a lace of your choice at the hem of the glove.


What you need: Old sweater, scissors, thread, needle, all pins, metal wire & tassels.


  1. Apart from the cuff of the sweater cut out a 1″ strip from the longest point on the sleeve.
  2. Secure the two wrong sides with all pins
  3. Stitch them together
  4. Turn it around to the right side
  5. Insert a metal wire through the strip
  6. Start to twist the strip carefully, creating a wavy shape.
  7. Take the ends of the wire and wrap it around where the bracelet ends
  8. Create a loop with the wire on one side and a hook on the other.
  9. Hang a tassel on both ends of the bracelet.

Embellished Sweater

What you need: A sweater with a hole, scissors, thread, needle, fabric glue & pearls/beads.


  1. Take a needle and thread of the same color as the sweater
  2. Stitch the hole together
  3. With fabric glue, stick on some pearls or beads on top of the hole you closed up.
  4. Randomly place the pearls as per choice and glue them on.
  5. Leave to dry for a few hours.

Infinity Scarf

What you need: An old sweater, chalk & scissors


  1. Mark a straight line across the middle of the sweater.
  2. Cut through the line and keep the part with the hem

Leg Warmers

What you need: An old sweater, chalk, needle, thread & scissors


  1. Cut out almost all of the sleeve, leaving a few inches.
  2. Turn it upside down and fold the edges and stitch to finish it.
  3. Turn it around and it’s ready.

If you want to see the full step-step video of how we made these cute winter accessories, watch our full video below.

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