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Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All

Here’s how it’s done

After attending an Etsy event recently I realized what an amazing job they are doing! Their marketplace not only has unique and creative products but it has a human connection as a part of their e-commerce site. The site is powered by the sellers where their creative ideas get a platform to grow into a successful business. It’s a place to find your everyday needs, online, and handmade from someone you can read all about. After this, I visited the site quite often and came across another amazing aspect of their site; Custom Clothing.

If you are anything other than a sample size, you know that shopping online can be very difficult and can be a hassle, to be honest. I also have a body type that often falls between sizes and often find myself going through many returns and refunds. Custom clothing was of course always an option, but it’s too much effort to go and put into for your everyday clothes, no?

Etsy happens to be the solution for all these problems, it has a number of affordable, size-inclusive custom sellers in its marketplace which allows you to get the design of your choice. From a simple top, t-shirt to an evening gown you can get it tailor-made for your body type and personal style.

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All

We came across a few tips on some of the best ways to shop on etsy for custom pieces. Dayna Ism Johnson, Etsy’s resident trend expert has given her best tips to buy custom made clothing to Nylon. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Focus on location

Knowing the location of the seller will help you estimate when you will receive the product and how accessible you are. Etsy has sellers across the world, which means its really up to your timeline as to when you need the product. If you need it really quickly, I would suggest sticking to your country at least, if not your city.

Another problem which many of us face is measurements and taking them on our own. You are never confident if you have done it correctly and always worried you will get the wrong size due to your mistake. In this case, there are sellers who offer in-person consultations as well, of course for this you will have to find a local designer. After this, we suggest keeping those measurements handy for your future orders.

Ask for pointers

If you are still nervous about your measurements and the seller does not offer in-person consultations, or you might have chosen a seller outside your city. We suggest getting in touch with the seller because many of them will have templates and guides explaining exactly where to measure from and what you are looking for. Ask plenty of questions till your not satisfied with your order, at the end of the day you are spending more since it is a custom made order and you should get exactly what you are looking for.

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All

Take advantage of Etsy’s resources

Use the Etsy site well and all their features to get the best results. There are location filters to help narrow your search if you’re looking for a local seller. There are many other filters to help you browse different categories such as size, color, and prize. If you want to stick to trusted sellers with a high a reputation, look for “best seller” badges next to the sellers names. These will be the sellers that are performing well according to Etsy based on their own statistics and analytics.

Keep communication lines open

Talk, talk and talk! That’s about it, working with people gives you the opportunity to be in touch with the person very easily so make use of it! Sellers want their stores to do well and will also be open to hearing what you have to say and make sure they provide the best product to you. Pretty much everything on Etsy is available for customization since you are working with real people.

Isom Johnson notes “just ask if you have something in mind, whether you want something made from scratch or if you’d like to have something you find in their shop to be completely customized.” If you’re worried about a piece’s quality, “you can always ask the seller for swatches of the material, and even talk to them about how a color can be customized.”

Don’t limit yourself on Etsy

Don’t limit yourself when your shopping on Etsy for custom clothing, just ask the seller what’s possible. In case you don’t find something you are looking for, just ask the seller if they can work with you in order to truly customize something from scratch. Maybe you want something in a particular color that isn’t available, ask them and give it a shot. If you are looking for something really unique, you should be willing to spend a little extra time and money on this and design something together with your seller.

Let’s give you a little head start, check out 3 customer designers below that all have “bestseller” badges:


LouEmbrace offers cute handmade clothing only from natural fabrics.

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All


Linennaive specialises in Linen, Cashmere and Natural Material. 

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All


WhatALuvely provides PJ Sets for Bridesmaids in solids and some super cute/funky prints.

Etsy Is Making Custom Clothing Easy For All

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