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10 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 You Need To Know

10 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 You Need To Know

Cold winter nights have left us behind and we are ready to embrace spring in full swing. It’s always fascinating to see how suddenly everyone’s wardrobe changes from dark to light, heavy to light. The colors become brighter and bolder, though we did see many colors this winter. For some winter clothes are super comfortable because they like the layering up and being cozy in between all the layers but we think finally putting away those heavy jackets and turtle-necks and putting on summer clothes is the most refreshing thing ever. We have done the research for you and a roundup of the best spring/summer fashion trends 2018 you need to know about. 

It’s the time to shine during summer as the days become longer and the months become warmer, and we are here with the ultimate guide to Spring 2018. Forget the rules, if you like, wear it!  

10 Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 You Need To Know


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Sequins

Be ready to see a whole lot of shimmer around you this season as sequins ruled the runway for spring/summer 18′. Sequins are not only going to be for your night looks but also causal day ones as well. Sequins will make it easy to make your day look turn into night ones and be ready for a party with a quick touch up. They have come back in many different ways, from shoes, dresses, trousers, blazers, and accessories. Don’t be afraid to sparkle and shine and everyone needs that one amazing piece of sparkle in their wardrobe too, so now is the time!

Pastel Colours

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Pastels

Love love love!! Our favorite of them all and something we never want to say bye to. If you don’t own any trust us, you need these beautiful colors in your wardrobe, not just for this season but forever. Soft tones are a classic during spring and are completely timeless as well. This spring look out for beautiful colors such as lemon, mint, pale pink and dusty blue. From all types of looks such as classy, edgy to sporty, pastel colors can be combined with any kind of outfit and can be worn according to one’s personal style. Pastels however without a doubt will always look the best with the perfect cream color and will always give off a feminine and soft look. In the list of fashion trends 2018, pastels are hands down our favorite. 


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Sheer

It’s not time to say bye to those naked dresses yet, it’s time to layer up with them. Almost every designer this season found a way to highlight layering, so it quickly became a key part of the spring fashion trends 2018 list. The colors these dresses are coming in now are not just basic blacks and whites but some fun bright colors as well, especially contrasting the two while layering. The concept of layering with sheer dresses will definitely make many more people try this trend as before some of them just looked a little shabby wearing it like a naked dress. Whether you choose to style sheer under or over your dark wardrobe staples, this trend is a must-have.



Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Fringes

Fring is something that reminds us of festival fashion and usually, we picture them on accessories such as bags, shoes, and jewelry. However, fringe is back and more over-the-top than ever! In all sorts of colors, lengths, and placements, it’s taking over like a storm. For those who want to try this trend, you can already find them on bags, skirts, tops, dresses etc. They come in several different styles which is why it’s a flexible trend as you can wear the trend as per your own style this spring. But get out there and try it out! 


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Ruffles

Nothing can make you feel more feminine than some ruffles around your outfit.It adds softness to tailoring, a movement to minimalist offerings, and always, always a sense of charm and drama, which is essential to survive the spring. If your not one to go all out with ruffles, the best look for you would be a lightly ruffled top with some jeans. Ruffles before were just accents but designers have taken it to the next level by making the entire dressed out of ruffles.  


Bold Colors

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Bold Colors

The best time to wear some color and combat the winter blues. This spring bold colors head to toe are super trendy. Remember the original 8 pack of Crayons? The idea is to choose one of these bold colors and rock it. We recommend just wearing one of these colors at a time and pairing it with some neutrals. The colors we have our eyes on right now are red, green and yellow. This spring 2018 trend is lifting our spirits, think of them as bold, bright, paintbox colors. We have seen both the designers and high street styles going all out with these statement shades. 

Plaids And Checks

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Plaids And Checks

We all know how fast fashion trends in the industry change so quickly, but there are always a few that last longer than others and a few that never go away. This year it’s the plaid trend, it was all over the 2017 fall runway and also all over the ss 18 runway. From mini-skirts to pants, oversized scarves to statement coats, the timeless print is on fire this season and there are no signs of it slowing down.

Whether you’re drawn to ’90s grunge, traditional Scottish tartans, or unapologetically bright colors, designers have blurred the lines of past plaid fads so that when it comes to checks, almost anything goes. In fact, no matter what your style, plaid can be the perfect print to help you pull your entire outfit together.

Track Pants

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Track Pants

We talked about summer clothes being comfortable in the beginning and this just takes the literal meaning out of it. This spring, track pants are considered high-fashion! We have already spotted several celebrities and big names in the fashion industry rocking this trend at several events and the streets as well. The track pants we are talking about are super stylish and comfy, and there are so many wears to wear them as well. You can opt for the sporty look and be inspired by celebrities such as Kendall Jenner or Bella Hadid. It reminds us of the time Gwen Stefani used to wear them in 1990’s.  

Our advice would be to style it with a high ponytail, sexy sunglasses, and rich jewelry. We have already established that summer clothes are comfortable now just imagine how you will feel when you spend them in track pants.

Fanny Packs

Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Fanny Packs

Nothing has ever looked cooler than fanny bags, they change the entire appearance of your look and all eyes go straight to it. In the list of fashion trends 2018 there had to be a major bag trend and this is pretty much the only one you need to know and nail. From ultra-nineties nylon iterations to tiny belt bags, the fanny pack took over the Spring 2018 runways in endless shapes and forms. Instead of securing the bag around your waist, turn it into a crossbody by tossing it across your chest. You might have noticed several celebrities already doing this. Stars like Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Rihanna have been transforming fanny packs into crossbody bags lately. It’s not a sporty look, it’s versatile and simple! It will keep your hands free all day long.


Spring/Summer Fashion Trends 2018 - Headbands

The accessory of the season? Headbands! They are the trick to accessorize your outfits and of course our heads. Headbands, another trend that is coming back straight from the 90s. The rule for wearing headbands this season is simple: the bigger, the flashier, the better. So, don’t be afraid to try some golden, sparkling and embellished ones!


Head over to to kick-start your summer shopping with all the latest fashion trends 2018!

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