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Father’s Day Gift Guide: 15 Gifts For 15 Types Of Dads

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 15 Gifts For 15 Types Of Dads

We all have different kinds of dads and we all love them for whoever they are, but sometimes they can be difficult to buy a gift for. In general buying gifts for guys is a lot harder than buying gifts for women, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t deserve the best. Father’s day is almost here and if you are still brainstorming on what to buy your dad, no need to worry we have the ultimate father’s day gift guide put together for you. Not only will you find the best gifts possible, they have all been categorised into the several different types of dads there could be and what they would love. There are dads such as the chef dad, camping dad, bike riding dad etc, so whatever you dad is into we are sure we have got him covered.

It’s no surprise that a lot of men especially our fathers have no particular interest in or need of a material gift. They will always say nothing when you ask them what they want but we still need to express our gratitude to them so we won’t listen to them right? We realise that our dads already have everything that they need really and are very happy and content with what they have already which means we all need that extra help to find a unique and fun gift to give our fathers this Father’s day. Take a look below at some of our best picks that make the ultimate father’s day gift guide and whether your dad is a classic, laid back guy or a world traveller, there is something for every kind of dad on the list.

Father’s Day Gift Guide: 12 Gifts For 12 Types Of Dads

Father's Day Gift Guide: 15 Gifts For 15 Types Of Dads

Gaming Dad:

Let’s start this father’s day gift guide with the gaming type of dad. If your old man is into games such as chess then he is going to love this new concept on how to play chess today, it’s basically 3D chess. Tell your father to take his game to the next level and challenge himself with this concentration skills.

Strato Chess offers a challenge not to be found in the traditional game of chess. Here, you play in three dimensions instead of two. Under these circumstances, each player must think of the game in terms of left and right, forward and back, as well as up and down, as though the men on the field of play are suspended along three planes of space. Players risk being taken from above and below as well as from the traditional two dimensions.

Homebrewing Dad:

A good beer will always be a win-win for a dad and if he likes to brew fresh beer at home with his friends then he is going to love this gift! It’s always a good feeling when you can make things according to your taste and standard, so make him enjoy his beer that way he does best.

Mr. Beer’s Churchill’s Nut Brown Ale Homebrewing Starter Kit allows craft beer enthusiasts to brew high-quality beer with less time, equipment and expense than other homebrewing methods.

Golfer Dad:

If you dad loves golf don’t just think of traditional golfing gifts that you can give him, have fun and give him something exciting as well. Equipment, bags and accessories are all the things that he probably has more knowledge about and already has the exact stuff he needs. What you can do is make him look super stylish while he golfs with his friends and he can show off what he is wearing to them. A unique gift to give a dad who loves golf would be this Nike golf logo belt which also has a built-in bottle opener. So now not only can he look stylish he will be the go-to person for everyone’s drinks!

Tell your dad how handsome he will look in an all-white look with this beautiful green belt.

Adventurous Dad:

We all have heard of those dads who will make you get up early morning on a weekend to go for a hike, camping weekend or some sort or adventurous activity. This is for those dads who would rather spend their weekends in the middle of nowhere but we want them to stay healthy and not get any mosquito bites, which is why this gift is perfect. If your planning on taking him out somewhere this weekend then don’t forget to buy one for yourself as well.

This hammock is a lot more relaxing form of a traditional old tent and has net covered over it so that you can have a peaceful sleep. It’s also more exciting than a tent because it’s basically a swing.

Bearded Dad:

Do you have a father who always loves to keep a beard? You could be one of them who is dying to see what they would really look like without that beard but we can’t force it can we? All we can do is make sure his beard is getting the grooming it needs. This is by far one of the best beard kits in the market and it needs to go right into your dad’s kit. If you want to help your dad accessorise his beard check out the best ways to do it here: Top 5 Beard Styles For Men To Follow

It will keep your dad’s beard looking exactly how he likes it whether he’s at home or on the go with the Beard Envy kit by Billy Jealousy. What it does: It features everything necessary to keep things as trim or as rugged as you please and even includes an extra-firm boar bristle brush for awesome perfection

Chef Dad:

Let’s face it men are really good cooks but when it comes to our own fathers don’t we all get a bit scared when they are in the kitchen?? For a father who really loves cooking, this apron will definitely make him so happy and he will cook in it proudly. You could even give him company in the kitchen this father’s day and cook a meal together so you can enjoy watching him cook wearing your gift.

Shoelover Dad:

Does you dad lay out his shoes every weekend and cleans them like there is no tomorrow? Well, this is a simple gift for an absolute shoe lover, you might think it’s too simple of a gift to give but if he loves his shoes that much trust us he will appreciate it. There can be nothing better than new cleaning equipment for this type of dad, so put a smile on your dads face with this shoe cleaning kit.

Photographer Dad:

We might know how famous these Fujifilm Instax cameras are but our fathers might not. We have seen a range of them and they come in so many different colours and look super funky. However, for a dad who has loved to capture all our moments since we were born, he would always appreciate a more classic design. That is why this gift is the perfect combination as it is of today’s technology but has a very vintage classic look. The INSTAX Mini 90 Neo Classic has advanced features such as double exposures, macro mode, high-performance flash and a bulb. This stylish retro camera offers a full range of camera functions and is perfect for our dads who want to express their photographic creativity with instant beautiful image quality.

Watch lover Dad: 

This is one of the gifts that is a lot more expensive than the others our father’s day gift guide, but we should always have that option if you want to splurge on your dad this year after all he gives you. Our best pick of a watch right now is this Movado watch. Movado is an American watchmaker best known for its Museum Watch. The watch dial has a very simple design dial defined by a solitary dot at 12, symbolising the sun at high noon.

We find the concept amazing and the design so simple that you can’t go wrong with it.

Traveller Dad: 

If your dad is the type who needs to travel all the time because of work or in general just loves to travel and explore we have two suggestions for you. It depends on how much you want to spend, you could give him this very cool duffle bag with collapsible sleeves to make it easy for him to pack and unpack. This option is a little expensive however if you want to get him something travel related and can’t spend too much then a nice passport holder or document holder is a great alternative. We hope this helps as we have tried to cover all price points and give you all your best options in this father’s day gift guide.

The RISE Weekender duffle bag is the perfect bag for a weekend getaway. It has all the right features that you need for your short to medium long trips. Travelling has never been easier than with this collapsible shelving system which keeps your clothes folded and organized.

Workaholic Dad: 

Does your dad spend long hours in the office? Does he always have tired eyes? A nice cooling gel can always help him relax. This Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel by Clinique for Men instantly revitalises, hydrates and brightens tired-looking eyes. Your dad works so hard, give him something this year that will bring him some relief and make him look super fresh at all times.

Suited Dad: 

A dad who likes a good suit will also always like a good pair of cufflinks, add some colour into his life with either a full pink circle cufflink or a white one with colourful edges. We are sure he will look super stylish when he adds these cufflinks to his look.

Whiskey Dad: 

‘My Dad Rocks’ Whiskey glasses are the best type you can get your old man who loves a drink after he’s home from a long day at work. When he drinks from these glasses it will always put a smile on his face and make him think of you. Who knows he might even reduce his drinking if that is what you want 😛 If your dad’s favourite drink is not whiskey and we have not mentioned it in our father’s day gift guide then whatever drink your dad likes, perhaps wine, beer or a cocktail you can find some fun glasses suited to those drinks as well.

TV Obsessed Dad: 

I think we can all agree that at some time in our lives we have heard our parents argue or fight over the TV, either the volume or what the other person is watching. It’s something that can always come up so to keep your dad safe from this topic in the future, get him some wireless headphones so that he can watch his TV in peace. He won’t be disturbed and he will love it!

Lazy Dad: 

The last gift on our father’s day gift guide is for the lazy dad. As soon as evenings and weekends come a lot of our dad’s lazy side comes out. Give your dad a soft, cosy robe that he can relax in all weekend long and just be completely lazy. We won’t blame him then because the robe looks so comfortable that no one would want to get out of them once they are in. These robes read dad on them which is why they are the perfect gift to get him on father’s day.

We hope this father’s day gift guide has helped you decide on the perfect gift for your perfect father. Posherry wishes all the handsome father’s out there a very Happy Father’s Day and the kids that are reading this make sure to make your old man feel special on this day.

Father's Day Gift Guide: 15 Gifts For 15 Types Of Dads
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Father's Day Gift Guide: 15 Gifts For 15 Types Of Dads
It's July which means Father's Day is close, check out our father's day gift guide for every type of dad there is to get the perfect gift.
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