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Hair And Makeup Trends You Need To Follow For 2017

Hair And Makeup Trends You Need To Follow For 2017

I’m sure everything you read right now is about all the new stuff happening and all the new things to follow this year, but we can’t help it that’s what new beginnings are for. Today we are going to talk about the best hair and makeup trends coming your way this year. Like every trend nothing dies away overnight, so some 2016 hair and makeup trends will still be going strong but check out the new additions.

From glitter lips, to the length of your hair and the gloss on your face, here are 8 hair and makeup trends to follow in 2017:


Hair And Makeup Trends You Need To Follow For 2017

XXL Long Hair

Everyone is crushing over Kim Kardashians ultra-long, pin-straight hair and also from Beyonce’s October performance, her rapunzel length braided ponytail. After this it means it’s going to be all long-hair in 2017, the longer the better! You don’t have to worry how curly or straight your hair it, it’s really only about the length this time.

Glitter Lips

Last year, Pat McGrath introduced the fashion industry and beauty industry to glitter-dusted lips, and the look will still be very strong in 2017. It’s a very easy look as well, you just need to put on some gloss over your lips and pat some glitter on it with your fingers.


The underliner trend is something that we see coming and going and has been seen on the runways a lot. Try it out this year and stand out, use a bright color liner under the lower lash or maybe even an upside down cat eye with some glitter.

Blurred Lips

We think this might be the biggest change, we had gotten used to those picture-perfect matte lips but it is going to have to take a break now. The new thing to have is the blurred lip. All you have to do is add more color to the center of the lips and diffuse the edges using your fingertips.

Glossed Everything

Your glossy eye lids will still continue in 2017 but the eyes are not the only part that is going to need some shine. This year give your eyes some shine, lips and your entire face. The full face gloss look is going to huge so get ready to get glossy with it all over, the Milk Makeup face gloss is amazing.

Wave Formation

There is no doubt that the wavy hair trend has been big throughout 2016 and we saw many people using flat irons to achieve the look. In 2017 the hair trend remains the same but the technique to achieve it has changed. The new technique is being called the “wave formation” and is done by using a 1.5-inch curling iron. Find out more on how it is done here.


Everyone wants their brows on fleek at all times now and the microblading technique has become popular amongst many. It uses a small hand tool with micro-needles to deposit pigment underneath the first layer of skin so your brows are filled in 24/7. It’s quite an expensive treatment but it lasts up to two years so it’s worth it.

Glitter Strobing

Take your highlight to the next level with a shimmery strobe. This look was created by MAC senior artist Regan Rabanal by applying a strobing cream, highlighting powder, and finally a few fine glitters for extra impact.

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