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How To Do Makeup For The Gym: 5 Steps

How To Do Makeup For The Gym: 5 Steps

The trend for taking photos of yourself while working out in the gym has become huge which means you need to look good when you do so. I work out in the morning and personally, I am someone who is completely against wearing makeup in the gym. It is the one time during the day when your skin is absolutely natural, it’s the time your skin gets to breathe, you sweat during your workout and your pores open up as well. If there is a layer of makeup during this time then all this gets blocked. However, for those of you who do put makeup on while working out, we have some tips for you to keep in mind on how to do makeup for the gym.

Your #gymselfie may create a spur on the social media you have nothing to worry about because we are here to guide you with ‘How to do Makeup for Gym’.

Keep it Minimal

The golden rule for how to do makeup for the gym makeup is to avoid epic breakouts by keeping it light and letting your skin breath. Wearing heavy foundation will clog pores and just come off on towels (I know, eww). Avoid any greasy or oily products because remember you want to look dewy, not sweaty!

Before we get onto the steps you should follow in order to create the perfect gym makeup look, I want to remind you of the brand that creates athleisure makeup. Read more about this cool beauty brand here.

How To Do Makeup For The Gym: 5 Steps

Waterproof Mascara

You might have noticed a huge difference when you put on a pair of eyelashes, obviously we don’t want you to wear them to the gym but you can do the small step of applying mascara. Working out often makes your eyes look droopy. Applying mascara will give you a lively appearance and you will always look bright-eyed.




Say no to Liquid Foundation

Foundation just melts away with your sweat and clogs pores. Instead of liquid foundation, you should look for makeup that provides enough coverage, is very light and breathable. A good mineral powder can conceal serious discoloration and will also stay in place throughout a sweaty workout. Having SPF in it is also an added bonus if you are working out outdoors.





Spot Correction

Many people face the problem of confidence and a lot of it comes while working out as well. In order to make themselves feel confident they apply makeup. People who have scars face this problem the most and for them, it is super important to cover it up well. You need to find a waterproof concealer to help cover the spots.

A young woman in black boxing gloves kissing one of her gloves




Tinted Lip balm for a perfect pout

If you are going to be taking pictures you might be pouting as well and you want those lips to look perfect. Lips can often go pale and dry when you are working out. To avoid this look, it’s a great idea to apply some tinted lip balm on your lips while you work out, this will compliment your scaled down makeup as well. You should strive for color; you don’t want anything shiny or fake looking.




Use Products that help with Shine

Want to quickly refresh your makeup, without having to re-do it all? Blotting papers will come to your rescue. Pat them on your nose, forehead, chin or any other area that needs a little extra help. It does not ruin your makeup and is a quick fix to make your skin look flawlessly matte. Blotting sheets can help you look dewy (not sweaty) after an intense workout or hot yoga.




Go work out! Even though I don’t do it, don’t worry it’s not a crime to want to feel good at the gym, and for most of us, that means putting makeup on. Don’t over-do it with makeup though! You don’t want to be that girl that looks like she’s headed to the bar; go light. There you have it! Everything you need to know to look good and feel confident before hitting your next workout session.

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