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How To Get Plump Lips With This Spicy Wasabi Trick

How To Get Plump Lips With This Spicy Wasabi Trick

We have heard of the most outrageous beauty hacks lately, some that we never thought would be any help to our hair and skin. Are you not happy with your pout and how your lips look? Or maybe you have very thin lips and are constantly trying new lip fillers and keep experimenting on how to get plump lips. Maybe it is the Kylie Jenner effect that full lips are having a major moment right now which is why everyone seems to want to bigger and bolder lips. A new beauty hack is going around on how to get plump lips and it involves using wasabi.

A famous beauty blogger; Farah Dhukai uses wasabi to plump up her lips and she posted a video on Instagram a few days ago to show how it’s done and it has had over 6 million views since. In her caption she mentions how it is her favourite remedy for wrinkled and dry lips and it acts as a natural enhancer as well. “They’ll be so plump people will think you’ve had them done,” she wrote.



When you use lip plumpers they work because they cause irritation on the lips which eventually results in swelling and that makes your lips look fuller. Wasabi is known to be an irritant to the skin which is why using it on your lips will give you the same results as any other lip plumper, however you should be careful and not overdo it.  It feels nice to know that when you are having your next sushi with wasabi on top, you are doing your lips a favour. Wasabi is a green paste made from a plant that is incredibly spicy and beauty blogger Farah Dhukai bought a $4 wasabi paste, rubbed it around on her lips and has shown millions of people that this trick really works. We definitely come across thousands of beauty hacks on social media platforms and especially Instagram, but this natural lip plumper that Dhukai discovered was definitely worth talking about and is the best budget-free way on how to get plump lips as well.

“Pillow soft lips! The plumpness lasts a whole day for me, the wasabi does sting but it’s less than your traditional lip plumper and the effects last longer.”

How to use it:

You simply takes a small amount of wasabi, rub it all over your lips (like a gloss), and wipe it off with a damp cloth after one minute. After you wipe if off moisturise immediately after and there you are with plumper, pinker lips!

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How To Get Plump Lips With This Spicy Wasabi Trick
A new beauty hack is going around on how to get plump lips and it involves using wasabi, it could be the Kylie effect but everyone wants it.
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  1. Morris

    It works even better when you use freshly grated Wasabi. At least you do not have to worry about the side effects of tatrazine and brilliantblue which are added to most fake wasabi to get the fluorescent color green. And fresh Wasabi is delicious.


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