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How To Plan A Wedding: DIY Wedding Planning Binder

How To Plan A Wedding: DIY Wedding Planning Binder

With just less than 5 months to go for the wedding, this means lots of wedding-related content coming up! Today since it’s the beginning of the whole planning process I’m going to show you how to make your very own Wedding Planner Binder. Just to clarify, I already have a planner on board who is helping me plan the wedding but I love stationery (you will see why below) and having everything in my hand to look at. This is the reason I created this binder, but of course, if you are planning a wedding completely on your own then this will be your savior. How to plan a wedding? That’s the big question! I think you need to start well in advance so that everything is not in a rush and take things one at a time. According to me, there are mainly 3 major things to decide when it comes to your wedding, the rest just follows: 1. The budget, 2. The venue and 3. The guest list.

How To Plan A Wedding: DIY Wedding Planning Binder

At this moment all these three things are decided for me and trust me it’s a huge relief once it is. The whole concept of a Wedding planning binder is not so huge in India, but this is the reason why I am making one as I saw some demand and requests for it by Indian brides. Even if someone wants to make one when they go to buy/download some printables and checklists they are all according to a Christian Wedding. We all know how long the process of an Indian wedding is and the number of rituals and ceremonies that take place, that checklist just doesn’t work for us! This is the reason I made an Indian Wedding Planning Checklist from scratch along with section divider cover designs for you to download and use for your binder.


How To Plan A Wedding: DIY Wedding Planning Binder

Putting this binder together was super easy and affordable too. All the different things required to put it together are available at any good stationary shop. The whole thing including the printouts only cost me around INR 1,000. If you want to know how I made it, follow the steps below and watch the video to see what mine looks like.

What you need:

  1. A4 binder (of your color choice or printed)
  2. Zipper pouch (for your pens, pencils etc.)
  3. Sticky notes
  4. Paper clips/tongs
  5. Business card holder leaf
  6. Transparent sheet protectors
  7. Tab dividers
  8. Calendar print out
  9. White sheets
  10. Free printables Indian wedding planning bundle (click the button below to download now)

(If you are sticking to a budget also read: WEDDING DECOR ON BUDGET: DIY WEDDING SIGN UNDER ₹500)

It’s pretty straightforward once you have your binder all you need to do is just combine all your sheets, dividers and plastic leaves together. For my binder, I was only able to find a binder in one color (was looking for a printed one), so I choose a teal blue color and kept my accessories and sheets inside to a plum/burgundy color (love this combination)! As soon as you open it I stuck a zipper pouch on the backside of the cover so that I always have easy access to my pens and pencils. In the actual pocket of the binder, I put some sticky notes, divider stickers and some paper clips inside. After this, I kept my business cards right on top, because it’s used the most and right after is the calendar from the date I have started planning until the wedding. The sections after this are all your choice according to priority, to see mine watch the full video below.

How To Plan A Wedding: DIY Wedding Planning Binder

I hope this will help all the Indian brides out there, who never find the right checklist for their wedding and for those organized stationary lover girls who just can’t wait to put this together now. Don’t forget to download the free printables I put together and all the best at planning your wedding, or even if you have a planner to stay organized!

Check out the full video as I go through my binder and how I plan to stay organised:

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