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How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties

How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties

When you are not feeling too well you usually end up at the drug store or your doctor, but we have a natural secret for you. What if we told you the fast track to mental and physical wellness (as well as great skin) is inside a drop of essential oil? Its accurate. And if you are someone that ends up at the drug store for every little ache and pain then you should definitely think about keeping some of these natural options stacked up and find out how to use essential oils for different problems.

Why go natural? On a chemical level, essential oils are made to fix. With little molecular size, essential oils penetrate the skin quicker and simpler, providing the curing properties where and when you need them. Research reveals specific oils have the skill to influence the central nervous system, meaning they have the power to lower blood pressure, calm you down, or give you an afternoon energy boost. A lot of people these days are trying their best to move to a more alternate path to good health and simplicity and the use of essential oils just promotes this trend that is growing.

Whether you’re new to the essential oils game or a long-time user, these distillations are little bottles of magic. From skincare to digestion to sex drive, essential oils are like the little engine: just a few drops can be so effective that even the most skeptical user will be converted. Containing the essence of a plant’s fragrance — hence the “essential” — these oils have been used medically for a very long time. Check out the infographic below and find out how to use essential oils and which ones are used for different healing properties.

How To Use Essential Oils

Have you ever been scared as to how to use essential oils? Well we have the answers right here for you. Inhalations through diffuser, a hot compress, or hot water facial steams. This process is greatest for colds, sinus problems, headaches, and anxiety relief and uses about 10 drops.

How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties

In the bathroom without leaving your house to create the greatest healing escape. Make sure you blend essential oils (8 drops) with an emulsifier like soothing salts or a carrier oil like coconut or sesame (3/4 of a cup). Without it, the oils wont disperse equally. Finest for skin problems, muscle pains, respiratory and circulatory health, sleep problems, and relaxation.

How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties

Massages with a 2.5% concentration of essential oils is a classic method to alleviate muscle tension and relax. Palm Inhalation should just be used with oils that can be taken on the skin. Rub two drops of a healing antimicrobial oil between palms and inhale to clear sinuses and distress out.

How To Buy Essential Oils

For easy as they are supposed to use, its much less straightforward to see a fake.

Attempt the ring evaluation. Set an individual drop of your new oil on white printer paper and let dry. If theres a greasy ring left behind, its not a pure essential oil. Exceptions: heavier, darker oils like patchouli, vetiver and sandalwood.

Assess the label – Look for a bottle which includes the plants Latin name on the label.

Notice the packaging Plastic wont cut it here, as a result of powerful compounds in pure essential oils that can break it down. Try to find amber colored or a glass bottle thats dark, it helps shield against oil-degrading ultraviolet light.

Go organic To be sure you are not accidentally exposed to pesticides, try to find the USDA organic seal, or the term wild-crafted on the label.


Begin your essential oil selection right with these top performing potions

How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties

How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties


This popular fragrance can do a lot for you. The healing-level oil goes to great use in beauty products and its a skilled balancer, perfect for winding down before bedtime and relaxing. Research reveals that Lavender has more medical uses than you can think of: New York University physicians exposed some patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery through their anesthesiology facemasks to lavender oil. The ones respiring lavender during their operation after operation needed less morphine!


If a whiff of this fragrance that is wistful that makes you feel fuzzy and warm inside, its not by chance. Jasmine is a known aphrodisiac and is usually used to treat sexual disorders and ignite romance. Its been demonstrated to fade dark spots and scars, fight depression, and act as an antiseptic or disinfectant.


Eucalyptus is your best friend if you are stuffed up. This natural decongestant is understood to soothe respiratory difficulties. Add several drops into your humidifiers and it will enable you to breathe easily or inhale some.

Tea Tree Oil

Skim the bottle of hydrogen peroxide and catch some tea tree oil instead, this is an established antiviral and antibacterial that, when combined with a carrier oil like coconut oil or aloe vera gel can treat bug bites, cuts, warts, fungal infections and acne. Use on your countertops to clean as well!


Use the cooling powers of peppermint on a hot summer day by combining several drops in with carrier oil and use everywhere wherever it is required. Peppermint is, in addition, essential for anyone who suffers from gut problems: not only is it a years old treatment for nausea, but newer research reveals peppermint can treat the symptoms of IBS like pain, bloating, gas, and diarrhea. Take a whiff if you are feeling lightheaded!


Consider this the beginning of a wonderful relationship if you have just spoken about oregano in relation to your pizza. Oregano is truly a proven antibacterial, and its antioxidant properties are perfect for fighting with sinus diseases. You may also use the real stuff in your food!

German Chamomile

Chamomile is not all sleepy time, German chamomile is truly a strong anti-inflammatory. If inflammatory reactions are high for too long, it can cause long-term inflammation, which has been linked with everything from joint pain to cancer to depression. German chamomile helps modulate it. Another win: if you are having an anxiety attache then apply the third technique on how to use essential oils, apply a drop of Chamomile in each hand and breathe in from it.




How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties
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How To Use Essential Oils Guide And Their Healing Properties
Using essential oils is a natural way to cure some illnesses, find out how to use essential oils here and their healing properties.
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