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Detailing Is Key: Fashion Accessories Your Outfit Needs

Detailing Is Key: Fashion Accessories Your Outfit Needs
Detailing is key! We hear this all the time but what does it really mean? It’s not just about getting ready putting on some matching jewellery and shoes, it’s about the closer and smaller details that we usually don’t pay attention to. Why is it that whenever we spot something we don’t normally do on the runway we find it so fascinating and amazing? It’s because the designers are just showing you that there are thousands of possibilities of wearing something you thought could only be worn in a certain way. Fashion accessories play a huge part in our outfit details, this could mean from a tiny little brooch, earring, belt or even buttons that change the appearance completely. Looking back on the fashion weeks we got to see that this year clothing and fashion accessories were both heading in a bigger, giant-everything direction. ‘More is more’ is what to follow for 2017, so forget about all the minimalist fashion for a while and embrace anything big and bold.
Though there are a huge number of trends to follow when it comes to accessories this year, from new choker styles, big pendants, headbands and many more, we have put together our top 10 picks. If you give any of these 10 trends a shot you are definitely going to be in the limelight and will look like a real fashionista! Don’t forget to have fun with your look from time to time, sometimes just wearing a pair of jeans and a white t-shirt can also look out of this world when it is styled well. Follow the phrase we heard all throughout fashion month – ‘the stranger, the better!’ 

Detailing Is Key: Fashion Accessories Your Outfit Needs

Slap Bracelets 

If you missed out on the joy of slap bracelets when you were a kid, it’s time to live those lost middle school moments now. We must say if you never had the experience you really did miss out on something special. I remember having some in all sorts of materials and colors and used to match them with my clothes! There have been many throwback trends that have been popping up and this is going to be huge since Balenciaga’s slap bracelets are on the market. They even come in neon colors just like how most of them used to be back in the day, the only difference is that it’s a high end product now. They are not the only brand that have come out with their own personalised slap bracelets which is good enough to prove that this accessory is going to very popular amongst the adults for the first time ever! If you think of it, it goes perfectly with another hot trend in the fashion world right now – athleisure. This could be because of the tight fit it has and the colors but it does give off a super sporty look. 

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Slap Bracelets

Baker Boy Hats 

Looking at these hats words such as newsboy, baker boy or cab driver are some people we connect it with. Notice how they all these people mentioned consist of men wearing it, but this was the case in the early 20th century and now our fashion girls from today are rocking it so well that we forget men ever wore them! Supermodels, designers and bloggers have all found a way to bring this hot new fashion accessory into their closets. Bella Hadid is specially someone we have noticed wearing this trend repeatedly and she looks amazing in every single look. During the Fall 2017 runway collections we saw these baker boys in every color and material showing us that it is definitely going to be a key accessory this year and we look forward to it.

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Baker Boy Hats

Fishnet Tights 

I think by now the majority of us have already given this trend a try, it has become so big that it’s hard to miss now. It’s truly amazing how a pair of tights can change a look drastically and become a must have in your wardrobe. Recently we put together our best picks on how some fashion girls were wearing the fishnet tights trend, check it out here. (HOW TO WEAR FISHNET TIGHTS LIKE A REAL FASHION GIRL)

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Fishnet Tights

Slogan Beach Hats

Summer is here so it’s not wrong to say that one of the fashion accessories you do need right now are beach hats. More specifically slogan sunhats, they are taking over Instagram like a storm! Of course there is another reason why they are so popular on Instagram – it makes it the most picture perfect post for your feed and the best beach post you can put up during the summer. Like many other beach hats they are wide-brimmed but they have amazing slogans stitched onto them such as: ‘Chase the sun’, ‘Here comes the sun’ and ‘Do not disturb’. They are the perfect holidays hats and explains how you are feeling in style.

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Beach Hats


Are you someone who just likes to have a few classic sunglasses or someone with a whole drawer full of them? Either way it’s always nice to mix up stuff and definitely when it’s summer time, this will be one of those fashion accessories you wouldn’t want to step out of the house without. The sunglasses that are trending for 2017 are the tinted ones, they add some fun to your look and makes you look bright. Along with tinted sunglasses, cat-eye and aviator shapes are not going anywhere so soon.

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Sunglasses

Upper Arm Bracelets

This is one of those trends that keeps coming and going and to be honest it depends on one’s personal style. For some it would be a choice and for some you might have worn it when you dress up as a character. You might not admit it but when you are styling your look and wearing some bracelets around your wrist we are sure a few of those reached your upper arm just out of curiosity. If you haven’t tried this bracelet style, then this is the perfect time to try it as it’s summertime and your bare arms need some accessories. The most famous style these bracelets come in are cut out ones that wrap around your arm nicely showing off skin in between. On the Spring 2017 runway we even saw some of these upper arm bracelets worn over shirts and they were looking super cool!

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Upper Arm Bracelets

Long Belts

Belts have a long history in fashion since it’s one product many are able to experiment with, this could either mean the way it’s worn, fabrics, thicknesses, embroideries etc. Every season we see a range of different belts with the recent one being the corset belt. Even though we are still loving the corset belt, the style has moved on to something that is super long. The super long belt is becoming one of the best fashion accessories of the year. The best way to wear it is over a coat or jacket in order to cinch in the waist. The belt should be that long that even after wrapping it around the ends should flap around the knees. Some people have been talking about how impractical it is but we don’t mind it! 

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Long Belts
Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Long Belts

Oversized Buttons

Have you ever given your buttons any importance, or looked closely at them while buying your clothes? Well if you haven’t now is the time! This spring look out for buttons, designers are loving their button detailing and they look beautiful when placed artfully. All you need to look out for when trying this trend is that the fabric should be very basic and so should the silhouette so that the buttons really stand out. Some beautiful big buttons are the only jewellery for your clothes your going to need this year where you won’t have to worry about anything else as much. 

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Oversized Buttons

Mixed Earrings

While lobe stretching earrings and are still trending the new way to wear them is to mix it up. Mismatched earrings is very hot right now, it’s right in the face and all your attention will go there in confusion. Many of the most popular fashion accessories consist of jewellery and this particular type of jewellery are taking over the chokers! You might need to step outside your comfort zone to try this mismatched earring trend but when you do all eyes will be on you for sure.

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Mixed Earrings

Mini Bags

Mini bags is without a doubt one of the cutest fashion accessories you can own this year! From the many we have seen the definition of these mini bags are that they are smaller than a cross-body bag and bigger than a purse. Everything between that will be a mini bag and they are available in so many ways in almost every brand now. They remind is of the early 90s fashion and even though you might not be able to fit a whole lot of inside it, this accessory is there just for that final touch to your outfit! Designers like Chanel and Valentino were also seen showing their cute mini bags on the spring/summer 2017 runway. Get ready to show off these little beauties this year.

Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Mini Bags
Fashion Accessories 2017 Trend: Mini Bags

Our personal favourite are the slap bracelets (reminds us of our childhood) and the mini bags, they are so adorable and have made us forget all about those huge oversized bags everyone has been talking about! What was your favourite? Let us know in the comments below 🙂

Detailing Is Key: Fashion Accessories Your Outfit Needs
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Detailing Is Key: Fashion Accessories Your Outfit Needs
Clothing and fashion accessories are both heading in a bigger, giant-everything direction, pay close attentions to the details of your look.
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