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Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style

Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style

Happy Pride Month Everyone! Every year, Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (LGBT) Pride Month is celebrated in June to honour the 1969 Stonewall riots. The riots, which took place in Manhattan, were a crucial tipping point for the Gay Liberation Movement in the U.S. So every year during this month, everyone around the world comes together to celebrate how far we have come since then. We show our full support for the LGBTQ community and we in particular love what the fashion and beauty industries have done this year. So many brands help out but raising money and awareness for the LGBT charities and we all need to appreciate it. During the entire pride month, we saw some amazing collaborations, collections, beauty products and got to know about several LGBT owned brands we never knew about.

We hope this month, next month and every month after will inspire you to help out the LGBTQ movement. Let’s stick together and stand up for love because after all love is love! Check out the all the LGBT glam below:

   L  G  B  T

   Life            Gets                Better           Together

Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style

Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style

LGBTQ Owned Brands You Need To Know

We all know the amazing gay celebrities and designers that have really shaped the fashion industry over the years, by building these high-end brands for us. Women’s fashion has been taken to a whole new level because of them and we don’t know what the fashion industry would be like without them. But we all know a lot about them right? What you might not know are the small super cool designers killing it with their gender-bending clothing lines. You should check them out, especially during this time where we are celebrating pride month. Some of the LGBTQ owned brands are really worth checking out.  


An American Fashion Label based in New York City was built by Becca McCharen in 2010. Fashion can help move the society forward and this is what this brand has done. Chromat is known for its innovative structural and angular clothing. They have also become very famous for its black clothing that features designs based on the structure of the human body. Becca McCharen is part of the LGBTQ community and has experiences discrimination. She says that her clothing is just like her being ‘queer’! Her experiences  and trials had formed her brand into what it is today. She makes sure her campaigns and models involve a range of different people from helping women, people of color and people of different sexual orientations. She wants to be able to break into the traditionally male-dominated fashion industry. Last year we saw this upcoming trend of inner wear becoming outerwear and this is what her brand represents as well. She is breaking all the boundaries of what should be worn where.

This pride month she says : “As fashion designers, we have the power to highlight and celebrate beauty in all different forms. Every fashion week is an opportunity to celebrate those inspirational people and have these incredible women and non-binary babes reflected in our runway show. It’s not a trend—it’s our life.”

Pride Month-Chromat

Ready To Stare

Ready to Stare is a body positive apparel and accessory brand and personal style blog that was started By Alysse Dalessandro. Both the brand and the blog are designed for those who believe in following their passion, loving themselves and inspiring others to do the same. The brand is specifically oriented towards plus size females. Her aim was to create a brand for the people who were getting left out of the mainstream fashion lines.

Dallesandro says “I wanted to create a haven for those who get stared at because they’re different and who choose, instead of hiding, to stare back and keep shining”

You must check out her “Thank You For Staring” lookbook, which is explicitly LGBTQ+ and size inclusive.

Pride Month -Ready to Stare

Play out

Play out believes in: BE OUT. PLAY IN STYLE. A queer owned fashion brand specifically designs gender-neutral underwear that is colourful, bold, playful and bursting with energy. The founder and designer of play out Abby Sugar says: “As a queer-owned brand, we knew that we wanted to create something for our LGBTQIA family, but also embody and proudly display who we are to the rest of the [heterosexual, binary-gendered] world.” Their brand is lesbian-inspired, gender-inclusive, free, sexy, and fun for women, men and people of all gender identifications. As they have grown their brand, Play Out have worked with men, women, trans- and gender-free individuals of all backgrounds, ethnicity, gender presentations and sexual orientations.

Pride Month -Play Out

Tyler Wallach Studios

Tyler Wallach is such an inspiration, he is a creative and independent queer artist from Harlem, NY. He is well known for his bright and bold coloured street-art characters on both canvas and clothing. The brand brings out the best bold bright graphics to their clothing which features street characters and unisex designs that can be worn by people of gender. His compassion, love and care towards the LGBTQ community keeps him inspired to be the artist he is. He produces large-scale paintings every year that are donated and auctioned off by national LGBTQ charities with 100% of proceeds going to at-risk youth and anti-bullying efforts.

Tyler Wallach Studio is taking over the fashion game! Check out his vibrant and rebellion designs against the status quo!

Pride Month -Tyler Wallach Studio

Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments are designed and made by hand by Sky Cuba-cub, a QPOC (Gender queer Person of Color) from Chicago. Every garment is customised and all their brand campaigns feature models of all sizes and genders doing all sorts of splits and fun stuff in wheelchairs with oxygen masks. They are inclusive and representative in their imaginary and garment customization. The aim for the brand is to be able to give products accessible to queer crip youth along with being able to provide free/reduced priced garments for people in need. They believe Rebirth Garments has the power to give you the confidence and strength to feel comfortable in your first skin.  

Through the collection, people can confidently express their individuality and identity. This identity according to the brand is that of Queer Crip, meaning queer, gender non-conforming identities, visible and invisible disabilities/ disorders—physical, mental, developmental, emotional etc.

Pride Month -Rebirth Garments

10 Fashion Brands That Are Giving Back To The LGBT Community This Pride Month

Around this time of the year as soon as we hit the month of June we see brands embracing the rainbow like never before. They all find their own unique and stylish ways to honour the start of pride month by releasing collections or limited edition products sporting the pride flag colors. As we mentioned before this is the time when these brands donate the proceeds to LGBTQ charities and organisations. We have put together the top 10 brands who have come out with the most beautiful products in support of LGBTQ people for Pride. Pride branding has really come a long way as the new generation has done so many things to make a difference. We see more brands than ever now using models of color and trans models to promote their brands, rather than going for big celebrities. Check out our favourite picks from this month:


Nike’s journey of supporting the LGBTQ community began in 2012 with their #BeTrue Collection in the wake of its marriage equality campaign. Ever since then Nike has provided approximately $2.5 million for financial and in-kind support for LGBT causes. They come out with the most amazing limited edition kicks and rainbow spins on some of their most popular shoes. They have taken a bold step with their #BeTrue2017 Collection where they suggest that rainbows are not the only gay symbol. They have paired it along with other symbols of Pride, such as the color pink and the triangle.

“Sporting your rainbow in the gym or on a run became a way to feel like you belonged to something larger – you were connected to being ‘out’ or being an ally. The rainbow has and always will be incorporated into the BETRUE product in some way.” – Robert Goman, LBGT Network Leader at Nike

Pride Month - Nike

Dr. Martens

We love what they are doing! Dr. Martens is donating $5 from every $145 pair of 1460 Pride Boots to the Trevor Project. This is a suicide hotline for LGBTQ youth. They are also going to be hosting Pride events all summer long to create a huge amount of awareness and give the LGBTQ community all the support they deserve. These funky colourful boots are totally taking us back to the 90`s. The shoe brand is associated with punk rock and these boots come with a message. On one boot there are words written across it such as LGBT+, LOVE and UNITY  On the other boot it has a rainbow pattern all over and both the boots come with bright rainbow laces.

Pride Month -Dr Martens

American Eagle

American Eagle is really doing their part this year by donating 100% of the sales of its 2017 Pride Collection to benefit the It Gets Better project. Their collection for pride month includes t-shirts, boxer-briefs, boy briefs, a rainbow beaded choker and a hat. They have a campaign called #WeAllCan which was started to remind everyone that they can be anything and do everything they want. This collection has been rolled into this campaign as it fits the message perfectly.

Pride Month -American Eagle


Out of all the brands, we have listed Everlaneis one of the companies that it truly committed to ethical production practices. They began their 100% Hymen campaign in January where they started giving $5 of each purchase to the ACLU. Later as International Women’s Day came they came out be millennial pink shirts where the profits went to women’s rights organisation. Now for pride month, their complete focus was on PRIDE with 100% Human rainbow shirts.

The campaign declares “Gay. Bi, Lesbian. Queer. Trans. Non-Binary”. Whoever you love, however, you identify, we’re all 100% Human.

Pride Month -Everlane
Pride Month -Everlane

Gap Inc.

The most famous Pride lines are rainbows, love is love and love wins. Gap Inc. came out with colourful rainbow t-shirts with these lines along with being paired with their brand logo. 30% of Gap’s Pride T-shirt net sales and $2 from every Pride-themed eGiftCard will go to the UN Free & Equal organisation. For pride month Gap inc. released a corporate video in order to encourage their employees #weartheirpride.

Pride Month -Gap inc.


Levi’s approach to the pride month merchandise is a little different than the others. They believe in going beyond just slapping on rainbows on t-shirts. They came out with black and white tanks and tees that have Fight Stigma written across them. The Fight Stigma initiative and product line are inspired by the 80`s HIV awareness efforts. Levi’s Pride collection this year is utterly thorough, with jeans, shirts, pins, bandanas, socks and underwear.

100% of proceeds will be donated to the Harvey Milk Foundation and Stonewall Community Foundation

Pride Month -Levi`s
Pride Month -Levi`s

Urban Outfitters

We love how fun and refreshingly the Pride fashion line is from Urban Outfitters. They designed the #UOPride line in partnership with hip-hop artist Taylor Bennett where all the profits are going to GLSEN. GLSEN is a non-profit organisation dedicated to improving the school experience for LGBTQ youth. The designs as we said are very fun and bubbly. The collections for pride month is full of soft pastel colours with rainbows and statements like love is love.  This year, the merchandise was shown off on a mix of young LGBTQ creatives, like dancer Harper Waters, model Torraine Futurum, activist Tyler Ford and musician Taylor Bennett.

Pride Month -Urban Outfitters


MeUndies are donating $1 from every pair of Pride underwear sold to the Los Angeles LGBT Center. We find their colourful polka dot underwear super cute along with being one of the most stunning campaigns for pride month. Their campaign involves a range of diverse and refreshingly female-focused line-up of human beings. Their “celebrate yourself” campaign and video series are about “feeling proud from the inside out.”

Pride Month -Me Undies


Converse have gone all out with not 1 but 37 different shoe designs on its Chuck Taylor’s and they are all pretty amazing. A part of the line is 70’s inspired and others include rainbow-soled high-tops and low-tops. They have patterns of all sorts of gradients, flags, spots, lines and stars. The name of their campaign is #YesToAll where this encourages people to feel free to be who they are. Net proceeds will go towards the It Gets Better Project and Miley Cyrus’s Happy Hippie Foundation.

Pride Month - Converse


Gucci pays tribute to classic Elton John with this fantastic footwear for pride month this year. These platform sneakers are really giving a strong fashion statement. Along with these platforms, they also came out with leather high-top sneakers and a pride print t-shirt.

Pride Month -Gucci

Beauty Brands That Are Giving Back To The LGBT Community For Pride Month

We have discussed and seen how fashion brands have shown their support during Pride month this year but the beauty companies are no exception. We heard of companies giving out free products to the LGBTQ youth on every purchase along with others trying to raise a huge amount of money for organisations that support them. The true essence of Pride Month is giving the LGBTQ community a chance to freely express themselves. We saw the rainbows on the clothes, shoes and accessories and it’s now time to see some fun colourful beauty products. You should really feel proud to own some of these products in your beauty kits.
We also came across several Pride-themed makeup looks everywhere on social media throughout the month, so people were either celebrating and supporting by buying some of these beauty products or creating vibrant colourful looks.


Sigil Scent is a perfume brand that is known for their unisex scents that are made from natural ingredients. To support Pride Month, they came out with a limited-edition perfume called PRIDE which has a very fruity and musky fragrance to it. From the information given on their site, 100 percent of the proceeds will go to “regional non-profit organisations providing housing and support for at-risk LGBTQ youth.”

Pride Month - Sigil

Milk Makeup

If you are familiar with Milk Makeup (One of our favourite beauty brands) then you have probably seen their Milk Makeup Holographic Stick. They worked on creating a cooler stick to support PRIDE. Milk Makeup partnered up with Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center in NYC and came out with a super shimmery limited-edition Glitter Stick. Your cheeks will sparkle and glow of rainbow glitter and half of the product’s proceeds will go to the Center.

Pride Month - Milk Makeup


Kiehl’s goal for 2017 is to raise up to $30,000 for organisations like The Ali Forney Center, Hetrick-Martin Institute (HMI), and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Community Center. For Pride Month 2017 they partnered up with the Tegan and Sara Foundation and created limited-edition bottles of their Ultra Facial Cleanser and Ultra Facial Oil-Free Cleanser.

Pride Month -Kiehl's

Sinful Colors

We saw many hands sparkle in some shimmery polishes by Sinful Colors this year. The brand was also in hype recently when Selena Gomes wore the brand to raise awareness of teen suicide for the 13 Reasons Why premiere. They introduced 8 shimmery polishes in every colour of the rainbow for their brand-new limited-edition Pride collection.

Pride Month - Sinful Colors

We are all for PRIDE and we love how so many others are as well. This support from communities all across the world is only increasing with each day, so don’t stop this love and support because in the end just remember that everyone is doing it just for love.


Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style
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Pride Month 2017: LGBTQ Fashion & Beauty In Style
It was amazing to see the support everyone gave the LGBTQ community during Pride Month, but check out what the fashion and beauty brands did.
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