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Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now

Spring/Summer is the best time to invest in a couple of new pair of shoes, as we all know they stand out more with our dresses, skirts and shorts during this time. Spring/Summer shoe trends 2017 are very hip and cool and are as amazing as the lineup we saw during all the fashion weeks. The shoe trends 2017 have gotten us very excited as we got to see some very new styles this year, some brought back memories from the old days and some got us very connected to the designers. What we mean by this is that the logos of designers and brands on our t-shirts are not the only trend these days, their logos are trending as the heels of pumps as well.

We strongly believe that sometimes a pair of shoe can make or break your wardrobe and we are here to make yours. The colourful, unique, creative and fresh new shoes for spring/summer will blow your mind! We have curated a list of the season’s 20 biggest shoe trends, which will include some styles that might be too bold for you, the mule get’s an update, straps are huge this year and the platforms are bigger than ever. Check out the top shoe trends 2017 we have discovered from the runway for you to follow this year:

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now

Cowboy Boots:

If you’re a cowboy boots fan then it’s your time to shine as they are super trendy this spring. These types of boots work well for a windy spring weather as they keep your feet warm and give you major summer vibes. Fashion girls are pairing cowboy boots with fun summer dresses this season and they are looking super cool! The boots are coming in many different styles with some having embroidery all over, fringes and quills, detail is key this season.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Cowboy Boots

The White Sneaker:

It’s no surprise that sneakers have taken over streets and runway massively since last year, and we will keep seeing them this year as well. The only rule to follow is that they should be white and clean for this season. The white sneaker is definitely one of those wardrobe essentials everyone talks about and depending on what you like you can go for one that has a small detail, logo or a type of finish to make you look different from all. Are your white sneakers not so white anymore? It’s time to get a new and fresh pair from some of the best shoe trends 2017. They are simple, comfortable and stylish what else could you want?

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: The White Sneaker


This type of shoe has definitely become statement footwear where height just keeps getting added season by season. Just like statement jewellery treat this type of trend the same way, wear a plain dress or outfit and match a high platform style with it to look like you just got off the runway.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Platforms

Kitten Heels:

Just like the clothes there had to be a return of the 80s in some form for the footwear, kitten heels have made their way back and none of the designers missed it. They are perfect for girls who do not like to wear high heels but miss the feeling of wearing one. Kitten heels is one of the shoe trends 2017 that will make you look sexy and won’t hurt your feet, wear them with sheer tights to look like a real fashion girl.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Kitten Heels


The flatforms are perfect for the people who just can’t handle the high platforms. They are basically flat shoes with a high, thick sole. Flats have been another trend on the runways lately as people and designers have started moving away from the fact that runway means high heels. They whole meaning has changed and the designers have really started experimenting with this flat version.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Flatforms

Rounded Heels:

Geometric shapes had to happen to our footwear sooner or later, they have appeared before and many designers have played around with them but this time it looks like we have found a favourite amongst all and it is here to stay. We don’t know how these rounded heels would feel on your feet but we do know that they look very interesting!

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Rounded Heels

Branded Footwear:

Like we mentioned earlier branding has taken over the runway and streets when it comes to fashion lately. Just like statement jewellery why should we just stop at branded clothes? The logos have made their way down to your feet, some being wrapped around, some having big labels and some actually have the heel as the logo, yikes!

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Branded Footwear

Sandals With Socks:

This unexpected trend has really blown up in our faces recently with literally everyone giving it a shot. Wearing a sandal with a thick pair of socks or sheer tights is something to look out for this spring. We have seen a number of fashion girls and bloggers giving this trend a shot and looking very stylish.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Sandals With Socks

Sock Boots:

The sock boot trend is definitely inspired by the sandals with socks look, it’s just an easier way to achieve a similar look. The designers have used their creativity to simply just create a sock boot out of it. It is a boot that literally looks like you have worn socks, they come in all styles from athleisure, lace materials and tie ups. So you can wear them for a number of different occasions without a worry.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Sock Boots

Shiny Shoes:

It looks like there is no difference in day or night looks anymore, people are wearing all the shine they can during the day too. Metallics is another trend we have talked about a lot lately and the vibe from that carries on with these shiny shoes. This is once again another one of those shoe trends 2017 that can give a statement look to your outfit so keep the rest of it simple.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Shiny Shoes

Wrapped Around The Ankles:

According to the trends for this season it looks like you need to be showing off your ankles and giving them all the spotlight. So many top designers created beautiful designs with sandals and flats having all sorts of straps around them. We saw straps in all types of materials and thickness and the spring is the best time to try this ankle strapped trend.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Wrapped Around The Ankles

Open Back Footwear:

The open back footwear is very much in right now and it seems to have come from the mules shoe trend. The mules are still in trend but we just have more options now to explore.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Open-Back Footwear

“Ugly” Shoes:

This is a shoe type where personal choice plays a big role, but for the majority of people shoes like Crocs are considered ugly (comfortable, but ugly). However you feel about it though, they are in style and you will be seeing them around whether you like it or not. Similar styles to the Crocs have also been designed by designers this season and we are calling it the ugly shoe trend

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Ugly Shoes

Varsity Team:

Athleisure as mentioned before has been huge and it is now a major part of the spring/summer shoe trends 2017. Inspired from the sneaker, designers have taken it up a notch by creating boxer boots or built in socks. Laces are also seen put together with an athletic touch with a sporty boot that have laces right to the top. Some designers have really made athleisure look super comfortable and very fashionable.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Varsity Team

Funky Heels:

The rounded heels and branded footwear deserved an individual category, however overall this year funky heels is the way to go. You will see all sorts of shapes down there and some make us wonder how someone could even walk in them!

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Funky Heels


The sliders are the perfect replacement for the once famous flip-flops, it’s been a while since we heard about flip-flops actually. Sliders are the perfect kind of flats for the summer, getting plenty of air from all around and coming in all sorts of styles from ones to wear at home, on the streets, for a date or to the beach. Note: Very comfortable!

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Sliders

Ruffles, Bows, Feathers And Ribbons:

We have been hearing a lot about ruffles and bows for clothes lately but those ruffles are now trending on your footwear too. Designers have played around with all these design elements to create some beautiful designs. Many used these as their way of embellishing the shoes.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Ruffles, Bows, Feathers And Ribbons

Moroccan Slippers:

Moroccan slippers are also known as Babouche slippers and usually we would associate them with old ladies. I guess they are here to make us all feel as little older! This type of shoe is very comfortable and good for an everyday casual look.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Moroccan Slippers

Glove Pumps:

These types of pumps are a little chunky in their built, they hug your feet coming towards the top and usually have a solid small heel. They have a very strong look to them and might look funny to many people but we are going to be seeing them around so much that you will get used to them.

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Glove Pumps

Revamped Mules:

We say revamped because the mules we saw last year were very delicate, feminine and sophisticated but this season things turned out. They are a lot more playful now, with new materials, colors, embroidery and thanks to the athleisure trend the mules have also become sporty. We are loving the new range of mules this year because it has so much more to offer now.  

Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Revamped Mules
Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now
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Spring/Summer Shoe Trends 2017: Update Your Closet Now
Spring/Summer shoe trends 2017 has gotten us very excited with some fresh and unique designs, check out top 20 trends to follow this year.
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