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{Holiday Gift Guide}-The Most Stylish Gifts Under $100

{Holiday Gift Guide}-The Most Stylish Gifts Under $100

That wonderful time of the year is back and you can’t say you are short of options because all we see around are the amazing sales and deals that are around at the moment. If you are one to enjoy the festive season, who likes to walk around in the cold taking in the beauty of the lights, snow, and decorations then we won’t stop you. However, if you are one to not put yourself through that hassle there are plenty of equally amazing options online. Finding an affordable Christmas gift can be a hassle sometimes and we are here to change that. For the most stylish people in your life, this list has you covered. With all the gifts under $100, you’ll be sure to find that perfect gift on a budget. (Also read: THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS GIFT GUIDE FOR HER – ALL UNDER $50)

~Holiday Gift Guide~

The Most Stylish Gifts Under $100

Gifts Under $100 - Gift CardGifts Under $100 - Gift Card Gifts Under $100 - Gift Card


We all know that one person who has her jewelry hanging out of boxes and still can’t get enough of it. This is also a type of gift that you can’t really go wrong with and is a common gift to choose for girls. Our favorite is the Kate Spade earrings, they are festive, colorful and really make a statement.

Gifts Under $100 - Jewelry Box

Gifts Under $100 - Double layer necklace                Gifts Under $100 - Statement Earrings


This is a time when many of us spend several cozy nights in just because of how cold it is, and we are here to help you make those cozy nights in very stylish for someone. After picking our favorite picks in this category we just realized how much we are loving purple already!! You will find a gift for every type of girl below – a girl who likes to look sexy in just a silk robe, someone who loves their matching PJ sets (this Victoria’s Secret pajama set makes it extra special for Christmas) and lastly, for the ones who love to lounge around on their couch with a comfy blanket. With this mermaid blanket, anyone will just fit right in and never want to come out again. Find all these gifts under $100 now on 

Gifts Under $100 - Kimono Robe  Gifts Under $100 - Victoria's Secret PJsGifts Under $100 - Mermaid blanket

Winter Edit

Talking about the cold weather we can’t forget some of the most important things we need this season, lots of warm clothes. Faux Fur is a hot favorite for every brand and designer right now and any girl is going to love receiving a gift she can wear right away and is right on trend too. Our tip: go for the blue jacket that is just for $50, it’s a great price and something that will make the person really stand out in the crowd and she can wear her gift proudly.

Gifts Under $100 - Faux Fur Scarf     Gifts Under $100 - Faux Fur JacketsGifts Under $100 - Faux Fur Gloves


We are mainly focusing on gifts people can enjoy right now and it’s important to keep your feet warm, a type of shoe and heel for every kind of girls. An option for a high-heel kind of girl, sneaker boots for the casual/comfortable chic and an embroidered block heel boot for the girl who needs her comfort but won’t compromise on her style. These gifts under $100 have amazing deals going on right now you wouldn’t want to miss.

Gifts Under $100 - High-Heel Boots             Gifts Under $100 - UGG sneakers   Gifts Under $100 - Embroidered Boots

Bag Lovers

These stylish gifts under $100 will make lots of girls happy, with plenty of Christmas parties and new years coming up we all need a bag that stands out and is the perfect size to carry to a party. These three options cover all the types of look one can create with their outfit, a pop of color with a plain dress, metallic bling that goes with everything and a rich classy look with a velvet bag.

Gifts Under $100 - Aldo BagGifts Under $100 - Metallic BagGifts Under $100 - Velvet Bag

Fashion Nerd

Coming to the people who just live and breathe fashion, which means the actual clothes are not always the most important thing to them. The history, the icons, the news is what fascinates them the most because it keeps them inspired and want to be on top of their fashion knowledge at all times. There are some girls who collect fashion books as treasure and have a huge collection of them, be the person to add another amazing find in their collection.

              Gifts Under $100 - Louis Vuitton BookGifts Under $100 - Chanel Book Gifts Under $100 - Vogue Book

It’s everyone’s favorite time of the year and we wish you all a very Merry Christmas!!!

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{Holiday Gift Guide}-The Most Stylish Gifts Under $100
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{Holiday Gift Guide}-The Most Stylish Gifts Under $100
Looking for a super stylish Christmas gift? Check out these gifts under $100 that will fit every budget and won't break the bank!
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