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Summer Nail Colors – The Best Shades And Trends For 2017

Summer Nail Colors – The Best Shades And Trends For 2017

We all know summer is the season of experimenting with fashion and some bright fun colors. This summer the manicure and pedicure looks seem to be in full swing and with this we bring you a bunch of mood lifting summer nail colors that will instantly put you in a vacation mode. Make a statement with these summer nail colorsPunchy neons, creamy pastels, and classic nudes will not only give you a touch of elegance but also a bold statement to your outfit.  Our nails have become a way to express our own style and some of these summer nail colors are a must have in your kit for this season. 

We have picked some exuberant and bright pigmented nail colors which will get you excited for this summer. When it comes to your clothes you don’t always need to match them to your nail color but if you have any of the colors on that we have listed below it will just uplift your entire look. So, ladies, it’s time to stock up on some new nail colors to add to your collection.

Here comes a breakdown of some of the summer nail colors that are trending this summer:

Summer Nail Colors – The Best Shades And Trends For 2017

Classic Nudes

We know it’s very tempting to experiment with our nails and use bold colors but this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. It’s very difficult for some people to pull off strong and bold colors which is why some soft nudes are the best way to go for you. This summer let’s ditch bold colors and opt for some cool summer nail colors like classic nudes which also seems to be popular on the runway. We have picked some of our favorite shades of nudes for you below:

If you have a deeper skin tone then opt for lacquers like Vernis by Butter London or Ginger and Liz by Color Collection. Color Therapy by Sally Hansen is a color that you can pick without being confused at all. It will fit all skin colors without a doubt.

Summer Nail Colors -Nude

Day-Glo Neons

This seems to be one of the most popular summer trends as neon looks good on every skin tone. We promise you some of these colors will put you in a great good just by looking at them. Try and grab all the attention with your nails by trying out some of these neon summer nail colors. Neon colors are a sure way of getting out of those old school colors in order to try something which is out of the box. The great thing about these colors is that you can do a lot of experiments with them. You can also combine pastel colors with neon to create some beautiful patterns and designs. Check out some of our favorite neon summer nail colors below.

Layer up in these hot shades of Essie Action and Morgan Taylor`s professional lacquer. Let’s not forget the iconic shades from China Glaze’s neon collection and Orly’s Popsicle.

Summer Nail Colors-Neon

Pastel Party

With summer here we ready to ditch our wimpy nail colors and set to go for some lighter colors and sunnier shades. Summers and pastels go hand in hand and the go to pastel color this summer seems to be as fresh as an apricot and something with soft pinks. Have a look at our favorite picks for this season:

Layer some high-gloss top coat over Opaque Formulas like Essie’s Vanity Fairest, or OPI Venice nail lacquer which would keep your nails looking nice and creamy. We also love Deborah`s Lippmann nail color. Peachy shades are the way to go this summer and it’s one of those beautiful shades that will look great with almost anything.

Summer Nail Color- Pastel

Metallic Glow

We have seen and heard all the craze about metallic fashion since last year and it’s something that is not going away so soon. Metallic polishes seem to be the most popular on runways as well. There’s something interesting and exciting about painting our nails in the shades of metallics or some regular colors which give us a metallic finish. The best part about having these metallic colors are that they are easily available. So here we bring you some of the best metallic nail polishes that you just can’t resist adding to your collection:

We suggest to try Essie’s nail lacquer in Metallic,  Nars iconic nail color or Vernis Couture by Dior which seems to be the most trending color of this season.

Summer Nail Colors -Metallic

These were some of the major trends when it comes to summer nail colors for 2017 but we have also put together some of your favorite specific colors that are also quite popular this year:

Essie In Coral California

This juicy pink nail polish is the perfect choice for a laid back and cool beachy look. Hop into your favorite bikini or swimsuit and your beach look is done. Check out our Swimwear Guide: Types Of Bikinis And Swimsuits For All Body Types.

Play Safe With Essie In Really Red

Classic. Bold. Pure. This is a perfect shade of truly rich red lacquer. This is universally flattering in summers and you can never go wrong with a nice shade of red. It’s one of those colors that work throughout the year but there is no doubt our hands stand out a lot more in the summer. So brush it on ladies and let’s paint the town red.

JinSoon + Chris Riggs Nail Polish In Grace Graffiti

Art has always inspired the manicurist Jin Soon Choi and New York artist Chris Riggs. These summer nail colors are long lasting and chip resistant. Grace stands for versatile gray that delivers the glossiest finish with just a single coat.

Nails Inc. Sweet Almond Nail Polish

The new range of sweet almond nail polishes gives you a fresh take on a classic nude palette. These summer nail colors are formulated with sweet almond oil base which is enriched with matcha powder. This results in an intense moisture booster for optimum nail health and protection.

Nail Art Designs That Are Trending For Summer 2017:

While scrolling through our social media feeds we have come across some amazing nail art designs. Some of these designs work perfectly with the summer nail colors mentioned above and also look super stylish. This summer the trending nail art designs seem to be all about pineapples, palm trees, flowers, other fruits etc. There`s so much to watch and learn from these nail art trends that we may just run out the time. So go ahead and rock your nails with these fun DIY’S to try and look amazing this summer.

Ladies get your dotting tools, nail art brushes, stationery tapes and sponges ready to make your work easy and get your desired look for summer 2017:

Hawaiian Flowers

Why take a trip to Hawaii when you can get one on your nails. This summer follow this Hawaiian trend by painting your nails with Pina Colada and Flowers.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Hawaiian Flowers

Little Lilac Triangles

A pretty lilac nail with a hint of geometric edge and not to forget those micro triangles in deeper royal hue is everything you want to have this summer.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Little Lilac Triangles

Sparkles And Stripes

Whether it is Horizontal vertical or diagonal – stripes are a latest trend to follow this summer. Minimalism works best here with monochromatic or simple line art. Add a layer of glitter to your stripes to get the runway look this summer.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Sparkle Stripes

Rainbow Blur

All thanks to the pride month the rainbow trend has blown up. Check out what we mean by this and what all went down during the Pride Month 2017. To get this look you will need a super skinny flat nail brush. Just move the brush horizontally across the nail in order to push two nail polish hues into each other and helping them to blend seamlessly.

Summer Nail Color Trend-Rainbow Blur

Adventurous Ombre

The Ombre trend is also pretty big in the beauty industry these days. It started by being super hot for the lips and we love those ombre lips. However, this trend has moved down to the nails as well. What makes this nail art so cool is how well it goes with anything and everything. If you find the perfect colors that blend beautifully then you really can’t go wrong with this trend.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Ombre

Fresh And Juicy

Nothing tastes better than some fresh fruits this summer. Get watermelons, bananas, cherries or pineapples all painted on your nails this year. Have some fun with these designs and they definitely look super cute. 

Fashion Fruit is also something you might want to look into check out: Fashion Fruit Is Something You Can Rock All Year, Every Year!

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Fruits

Zig-Zag Swag

Don’t just stick to one simple pattern twist them up into some funky zig zags. This summer take your nail art to the next level with these crazy zig zags that are trending on runway as well.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Zig Zag


What can be better than an ice cream during a hot summer? Show your sweet side and try these delightful ice cream nail art designs that look good enough to eat as well.

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Ice cream

Emo Feels 

This summer let’s express our emotions a little more by trying these new emojis nail designs that have popped up recently. Take a look at this cute emo-nail art design and be sure to let us know in the comments below as to which emojis you’ll be rocking on your nails.

Summer Nail Colors Trend- Emo Feels


We all love one or another superhero. So let’s use them to inspire our nail art for this summer. There are many fantastic ways to do it. This summer all we need are some basic colors and some small painting tools to create an epic nail art featuring our favorite heroes.

Summer Nail Colors Trend - Logo

Logo Nails 

Logo nails are a huge trend for this summer. Logo anything for that matter, we saw logo heels trending along with big logo bags as well. From Nike to Louis Vuitton, Balenciaga and Marc Jacobs all designer logos are having a moment. This trend is all about showing your love for a brand and also to look cool while doing so.

Summer Nail Colors Trend - Logo

Unicorn Nails

Starbucks lattes to super-food smoothies and trendy toasts, this unicorn obsession is everywhere even right down to our fingertips. 3D unicorn nails are also something new this year where you are not just using some regular glittery nail polish. There are some acrylic nails that been sculpted so that you can have that horn right on your finger tip. 

Summer Nail Colors Trend-Unicorn


These polished marbles seem to have one of the glossiest and most beautiful surfaces and give off a very feminine and classy look. We are loving the marble trend in our homes along with our phone cases but they are looking gorgeous on the nails too. This summer try this natural stone look on your fingernails.

Summer Nail Colors Trend- Marbles

Nail Art Trends And Summer Nail Colors To Pick From The Runway This Summer:

Every year the nails on the runway startle us and this time it’s no different. Check out the best manicures from the beginning of the year from Fashion Month right here. For summer 2017 the designs, colors, and trends we saw on the runway were astounding. It’s amazing to see how a small canvas can lead in-to so much creativity.

To make sure you stay on the edge of the newest trends, we have rounded up some of our favorite looks from the runway. Flip through these eight nail designs that are about to blow your mind.


This season we see a lot of designers that have opted for metallic gold and silver nails but instead of allowing them to shine they were painted with a matte top coat this time. At Cividini we saw a solid gold nail with flakes of silver, on Michael Costello runway nails were painted a matte shade of gold and at Phillip Lim’s show, it was inspired by studs, zippers, and textures in order to create a distressed metallic nail.

Summer Nail Colors Trend From Runway-Metallic

Black Accents

This season we saw plenty of leathery black nails which were decked around the fingers of Vera Wang’s runway models.The modern brushstroke style was very Gothic. It was mainly designed to look like a freehand paint stripe applied at the center of the nail leaving the sides untouched. This was finished with a matte coating on the top. This look was created by the artist Jin Soon Choi.

Summer Nail Color Trend From Runway-Black Accents

Color Blocking

This season we witnessed a lot of bold and pop up shades which were a serious hit on the runways. At Jeremy Scott and Tanya Taylor shows we saw these clashing combinations and psychedelic patterns which gave these nail designs a festive look.

Summer Nail Color Trend From Runway-Color Blocking

Graphic French

This year many nail artists opted for a clever and unique take on a traditional style by utilizing colors and by playing with the shapes. At Cushnie Et Ochs show we saw asymmetrical white stripes with a nude base. There were graphics with the shades of red and white polish at Rebecca Minkoff’s runway and on the Carmen Marc Valvo`s runway we saw the tips were in shades of black and white with another color added between the two to create a cool graphic effect.

Summer Nail Color Trend From Runway-Graphic French

Ladylike Neutrals

This year ignoring all the summer runway trends Marc Jacobs opted for nothing but plain neutral nails. Our favorite picks of this season include unique flattering beiges and nudes in shades of mushroom. It’s a classy look and something you can never wrong with.

Summer Nail Color Trend From Runway-Ladylike Neutrals

Embellished Cuticles

This season we saw another runway trend by nail artist Tracy Lee where the nails have been painted in a nude color. After that a stripe of gold glitter or shimmery colors come along the cuticle giving a lovely effect to your nails.

Summer Nail Colors Trend From Runway-Embellished Cuticles

Wire Nails

This is by far this season`s most famous trend-Wire Nails. It is very eye catching with thin golden wires decorated on your nails finished with a simple clear or black nail polish. This look was mainly seen during New York Fashion Week.

Summer Nail Colors Trend From Runway-Wire

Blooming Botanical

Fashion Bloggers favorite print right now are palm leaves, we are seeing it all over their news-feed, in their homes, travel pictures etc. Thinking more and more about tropical plants, paint some palm leaves and luscious green plants on your nails this summer to stay fresh. This trend was perfected on Alice and Olivia runway.

Summer Nail Colors Trend From Runway- Blooming Botanicals

When it comes to runway, designers take every little detail into consideration and paying attention to your hands and nails comes a long way. Try out some of these fresh summer nail colors and be right on trend when it comes to your nails this season. Get a manicure and flaunt your beautiful hands to the world 🙂 

Summer Nail Colors - The Best Shades And Trends For 2017
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Summer Nail Colors - The Best Shades And Trends For 2017
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