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Love The Shapes From Your Body

Love The Shapes From Your Body

“The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress.” —Hubert de Givenchy.  This quote beautifully sets the mood of what Posherry is all about along with opening the first post for our blog, allowing me to introduce myself to everyone out there who is passionate about fashion and style.

The biggest problem I have gone through over the past few years in my life is trying to convince my mother and sister as to why it takes me a long time to get ready sometimes. They always think that I am being choosy and difficult but what they do not understand is that having a curvy body can make you think a lot.  It is not that I have bought clothes that are not my size or the wrong fit but sometimes pairing up two things together creates a disaster while individually they are beautiful. This is what takes time, to create the full look which makes me feel comfortable and beautiful at the same time. I think the biggest tip that I can give to any curvy women out there is that you need to feel comfortable, if you don’t then wherever you are be it day or night you will keep fidgeting with yourself in some way or the other and that will attract unnecessary attention to yourself and therefore make you feel all the more uncomfortable.

For a while now people all over the world have been trying to bring out this point about “real woman”. The fashion industry has started to believe that having a model-like figure is neither sexy nor healthy and have started to look towards full-figure woman.

Some of the biggest names that we love have curvy bodies and yet look sexy in the eyes of every man! To name a few of these sexy woman: Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and Sonakshi Sinha. Ok so, I agree that they have stylists and team of people to tell them what to wear and what they will look good in, but that shouldn’t stop you from being your own stylist, a little trial and error won’t harm anyone. It is not just about curvy ones, women that are thin can also have problems with what they need to wear and what looks good on them. Whatever size you are, everyone has a body shape and I will do my best to give you the best tips on what you should wear according to your shape.

First of all establish your body type from the picture below:


Now that you know the shape of your body try and follow some of tips that fall into your category:


Your body type is characterized by round shoulders, bigger bust and a fuller middle.

The must haves for you in your wardrobe:

Tops or dresses with vertical stripes/detailing to elongate the body

Empire waistline tops or dresses will fall gracefully

Dresses that do not tug at the waistline



Your body is characterized with narrow shoulders, smaller bust and wider hips.

The must haves for you in your wardrobe:

Detailing on the upper part of the body

Wide leg or regular fitted trousers will balance the bottom of the body

Necklaces will add attention to your neck and face


Your body type is characterized with where the shoulders and waistline have the same broadness. Such figures require clothes that will accentuate the waistline.

The must haves for you in your wardrobe:

Tops that are loose from under the bust

High waisted trousers to tuck the tummy in

Straight and flowy dresses instead of sheath and fitted dresses


Your body type is characterized with most of your weight being above your hips. Your back, ribs and shoulders are broad.

The must haves for your in your wardrobe:

Monochromatic looks

V-neck tops for the illusion of a longer torso

Empire tops and dresses

Boot cut and flared pants/jeans to even the line from your shoulders

Shorter skirts to draw attention to your legs


Inverted Triangle

Your body type is characterized with a broad chest and wide shoulders which are large in proportion to a narrow waist and hips.

The must haves for your in your wardrobe:

Volumious skirts

Wide-leg pants

High-waisted styles

Bright color bottoms



Your body type is characterized with a well defined waist, fuller hips and a relatively smaller bust line.

The must haves for you in your wardrobe:

Wrap tops that will enhance your top half

Tops with added volume or gathers adding some definition

Slimmer and darker bottoms to pay less attention to your bottom half



Your body type is characterized with a narrow waist, fuller hips and bust.

The must haves for you in your wardrobe:

Sheath dresses will fit perfectly

Fitted tops or dresses with darts that accentuate your figure

Bottoms that are fitted will fall gracefully.

High waisted trousers


As this is my body type, according to what works for an hourglass body I decided to wear a pair of high waisted trousers (of course not tight fitted for me as I am also curvy), with a full sleeved black crop top. As both black and the olive green are dark colors I choose to add a little pop of color by wearing a bright yellow floral necklace and lucky for me my shoes had a bit of that yellow too!

What I wore:

High waisted trouser: H&M London

Black Crop Top: H&M India 

Yellow floral necklace: LeoPajo

Here’s to all the beautiful women out there. Never loose the love for your own body! xx

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